Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spread Your Wings and Fly!

Spread Your Wings and Fly, Art Quilt, 8" x 10"
© 2008 Fannie Narte

This quilt will be donated to AAQI to help raise dollars to fund Alzheimer's research. It's dedicated to Sherry and her Dad's mother, Ruby, who passed from Alzheimer's disease.

Some of the fabrics used in this quilt were hand painted by Pokey Bolton, which I won in one of her blog's giveaways.

Trying to make a change by sharing my art.


Sherry said...

Oh My Gosh! What a wonderful surprise. Thank you Dear Fannie. I'd give you a "real" hug if I could. She is absolutely beautiful and so are you.

quiltcrazygal said...

I love this art quilt! What a wonderful donation, you are a special person. Jenna Louise

Diana Evans said...

THIS is one of my favorites Fannie...she is such a cute character....lovely work and I can see her raising a lot of money for the cause...

Bless your heart!!!!

Melinda Cornish said...

they just keep getting better and better! I love your work, it is beautiful and always inspires me....Melinda

marianne said...

Wow Fannie!
This is sooo beautiful, how did you do that, The wings are quilted, but the face seems painted.
The result is stunning and so sweet you donate it for a good cause.

Have a nice day!
Greetings >M<

Lisa M Griffin said...

This little fairy looks so thoughtful and wise... a girl with something on her mind. The colors and textures are truly beautiful and I think that this is a lovely example of how you give back and are making a change with your art.
Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic Figments said...

I agree with Diana I think this is def. one of my favorites. I think she looks so sweet! Out out did yourself on this one! I think it will bring in a nice donation for Alzheimers! Thanks Fannie


Paula Clare said...

WOW FAnnie! You are an amazing talent! This is absolutely GORGEOUS! My goodness...I MUST share this on my blog. You are wonderful!

Jacq said...

This piece is wonderful, I love everything about it.


this is extraordinary, Fannie. Did it begin as a sketch from your other blog?

It's beautiful, as you are, for supporting such a good cause.

Fannie said...

Hi, Sherry. I know we didn't discuss an art quilt for Ruby. Serendipity was at play here. When I finished the quilt, I needed a dedication, and Ruby just came to mind. Glad you like this piece. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thanks, JL!

Yes, raise money for Alzheimer's, Diana. Hurray!

Thanks, Melinda.

Marianne, this is a painting on fabric and a fabric collage--mixed media fiber quilt, I guess. ???

Thanks, Lisa, Steph, Paula and Jacq. It's great to have feedback.

Nancy, yes, "my girls" sketches from my other blog are being turned into art quilts or paintings on canvases. ;-D Thanks for noticing.