Monday, September 1, 2008

Where I Live . . .

"Where I Live, There Are Rainbows"; Art Quilt, 6.5" x 6.5"
© 2008 Fannie Narte

This art quilt was inspired by two articles I read in Issue 1 of Fibre & Stitch: "Tantalising Textures" by Carol McFee, and "Scrim," by Lynda Monk. Scrim or cheesecloth has a wonderful texture, and here is the result of combining scrim, Neocolors and thread sketching.

This piece was also inspired by the first line of a song titled "Hawaiian Lullaby," which we sang a cappella to open our Polynesian show:

"Where I Live, There Are Rainbows"

I didn't do a line drawing, nor did I know what image I was going to create. I just loaded my sewing machine with black thread, placed the above piece under the needle and thread sketched.

The house was sketched first, followed by the large tree. The six bushes and greenery in front of the house and the walkway were next. The hills and the evergreen trees in the background were the final elements.


I enjoy working on submission proposals, and the hopeful anticipation of having my work published is extremely exciting. However, after working within a structured frame during the past few weeks, this piece gave me back a sense of freedom to create intuitively.


This quilt will be donated to AAQI to help raise funds in support of Alzheimer's research. It is dedicated to Gayle and her friend, Lois. Lois died from Alzheimer's disease.

Are there rainbows where you live?


laughingwolf said...

sad world with no rainbows... :(

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
i just saw a double rainbow last week on my way home.:)
i love that your drew this with your sewing machine. tlak about no erasing!

paulavicente.artfactu said...

Hi Fannie. Yes, there is rainbow where i my soul!!! Nice work as usually. LIVE WITH FREEDOM...

Fannie said...

True, LW. I think Paula has the right idea: Rainbow in her soul. ;-D

Melissa, you're right: no erasing. Whatever results, is it--good or bad. This is what I call "living dangerously." ;-D

Paula,I love your phrase: A rainbow in my soul--very poetic and true. Thanks for sharing!

Fantastic Figments said...

Wait wait... I just had a thought............................................................................ I heart Fannie. Sometimes not knowing in the beginning makes for a beautiful ending, such as in this case.


Ku'ulei said...

Thread sketched - you're brave! ;)
I like this new technique and the great texture it adds. Nice work!

Lisa M Griffin said...

wow! i love how you "thread sketch" truly amazing in my opinion... and yes I understand the need to do something for oneself again, without the pressure of pulling in work. Lovely and so hopeful!

On a side note: my neighbor took a picture of our house one day when a rainbow appeared above it. The perspective of the photograph makes it look like the rainbow is beginning and ending on either side of our home. ;)

Wurzerl said...

Hi Fannie!

I love your picture with the house in the rainbow. We have very often a rainbow. I' m living near the Bavarian Alps and the weather is changing very often and very rapid. But I think it' s much more important to keep sun and rainbow in the heart!
I wish you a great time Wurzerl

Roberta said...

With no pencil sketch?