Friday, October 17, 2008

From My Library--True Vision

" True Vision--Authentic Art Journaling," by L.K. Ludwig

If you're interested in art journaling, this book may be of interest to you. It has over 135 pages of inspiration, with photographs on every page. Chapter 1 focuses on the basics of art journaling, including selecting a structure. This chapter gave me the idea to purchase board books from my local Half-Price Books to use as surfaces for my journal pages. With a bit of sanding and application of gesso, the sturdy page makes a nice surface for painting and collaging. Brilliant idea!


The remainder of the book is segregated into different journaling themes such as childhood, family and friends, and current events. One entire chapter is devoted to incorporating text, such as favorite quotes or poems, into your journal pages as a design element.


Another chapter is devoted to self-explorations, which includes self-portraits. The subjects of the last chapter are faith, spirituality and dreams. This book is filled with many examples of personal art journals by experienced artists, including interviews.


For years, I've kept a card file with quotes, lines of poetry or ideas to use as inspiration. I learned that this activity has a name. The author calls it a "Vision Deck." A selection of words is included in the appendix, which can be copied for personal use.


As artists, I think we are natural art journalists because each piece we create has our experiences and essence intertwined within our creations. It happens naturally. The chapter on self-portraits is especially intriguing, and it addresses how our art is influenced by our emotions and life's experiences.

This is a book I'll keep in my library. It is a great book for the beginner, and it will provide inspiration for the experienced art journalist.

Have a great weekend.


Jacq said...

Thanks for sharing this book. I shall put it on my list to buy.

laughingwolf said...

that goes on my xmas wish list, thx fannie :)