Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mixed Media Monday--Opposites

Opposites, Collage, 5" x 7"
© 2008 Fannie Narte

Mixed Media Monday is a weekly challenge forum. Several friends are participants in this group, and I've decided to join them.


Good-Bad, Happy-Sad, Success-Failure, Open-Close, Noise-Silence, Ying-Yang . . . these are common opposites. What happens when opposites meet and find common ground? Ideas are exchanged and sometimes adopted. A blending of ideas takes place. Perception changes. A new understanding replaces the old. Unity results and harmony (Lokahi) becomes the new language--music to the soul.

Celebrate opposites.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
i love your opposites piece and that you have joined a new group. you are amazing!

Fantastic Figments said...

WOW that is such an awesome piece I was thinking about going that group... I might think about it a little bit more knowing that you are in it. Do you all trade at the end???

Oh and the piece down below is stellar! I really enjoy how you have been working the ladies in there more!

smooches till later,

mich said...

This is so pretty. Also beautiful and appropriate for last weeks MMM theme Harmony. You'll be happy with the generosity of the MMM artist.

laughingwolf said...

hang em high, i say! :O lol

Lynn Douglass said...

I found your blog through another blog, and I'm so glad I did! I truly enjoyed your works and your profound words! I've added you to my blog roll, and I look forward to seeing more of what you create!

mixedmediamonday said...

This is gorgeous, Fannie! I'm so glad you came to play on Mixed Media Monday - I hope we get to enjoy lots more of your wonderful work. Diane

Femmy said...

gorgeous card!!!

Jacq said...

Beautiful. This sounds like a great group.

Beth said...

It's a beautiful piece and a wonderful concept.

herminesplace said...

its beautiful and very stylish.