Friday, October 3, 2008

Purple Pizaaaaaaaaaz Etsy Treasury by Diana Evans

"When you see them all together . . . it's magic . . . so relaxing and so inspirational. Enjoy." ~Diana Evans~

Diana is right. When you see all of these artworks as a group, it's magic. Her description is perfect. This treasury showcases a dozen artists and their works. It also showcases Diana's keen sense of artistry--her sense of design and composition.


This Treasury makes an excellent discussion on design. Each piece of work has a diagonal line moving from bottom left to top right, including the cupcake. Most of the diagonal lines are strong and obvious. Others are subtle. The "Cupcake Cookie Jar," by Fruit Fly Pie has a diagonal line in its shadow. The mosaic tiles by KTulip11 has a dominant diagonal line created by the darker tiles, which moves the eye from the bottom left to the top right.

Two of the artworks have diagonal lines moving in an opposite direction from the other artworks--bottom right to top left--"La Madame," by Gala House, and "Corset," by Autumn Russell. Notice Diana's placement of each work in the group. The diagonal lines provide movement throughout the entire treasury, moving the viewer's eyes in a continuous zig zag path through the Treasury. Excellent, Diana!


The design provides movement, and its color placement also provides a feeling of calm and rest, which produces a ying-yang, balanced effect.


Treasuries provide a short list of new artists to explore. I see a few friends in this treasury, but most of them are new.


Art education goes beyond classrooms, museum and gallery trips and books. Visiting new artists' websites gives me the opportunity to step outside my world and into their world of perception and creation, which is always inspiring. Time to visit these new artists and learn . . . and maybe find a piece or two that I "need." ;-D


Impressions of Monet, Wooden ACEO, 2.5" x 3.5"
© 2008 Fannie Narte
For Sale in My Etsy Shop

Thanks for including me in this Etsy Treasury, Diana!

Visit Diana's Etsy Shops HERE and HERE.

Enjoy visiting these new artists.


Diana Evans said...

WOW Fannie....I love how you explained it have a great eye and nothing escapes you....

I am so happy to have snagged a first one!!! and I hope to have many more....

Hugs and Have a great weekend!!!


Lisa M Griffin said...

How lovely to be highlighted in her treasury! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend.

Fannie said...

Thank "you," Diana! Your first? Wow! I need to snag one of these and highlight you and other artists. Good for you!

Thanks for your visit, Lisa. Enjoy your weekend!

laughingwolf said...

ab fab, all of it, fannie! :D

Genie said...

hi Fannie,
love the Monet

Sherry said...

congrats again Fannie. and I didn't even notice the diagonal line until you pointed it out. shows I still have a lot to learn. Purple, my favorite color in the whole world.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
what a wonderful post! diana put together a beautiful treasury and congratulations on being in another one. you are so inspiring!

Peter Breese said...

So wonderful, I really like the impressions of Monet... such great texture.

Also, thank you for your kind comment! Please come back soon.


Good for you to be showcased among really deserve it....

Your Imagine piece is stunning :)

Fantastic Figments said...

You are the master of the etsy treasuries! HAHA and with good reason. I do love how Diana put all the purples together it is really very pretty. I am so new to etsy I don't know how to collect such wonderful items. Or for that matter find a treasury!

Smooches dear Fannie