Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soulful Meditations--Dreams, Fears, Beauty

Portrait of Venus, Sketch, Original by Sandro Botticelli
by Fannie Narte

What are your Dreams?

Do you wish to leave your "9 to 5" and become a "full-time" artist? Do you yearn to find your own style? Would you like to see your name on the roster of teachers at that retreat in Italy?

What are your Fears?

Are you afraid that if you leave your 9 to 5 to become a "full-time" artist, you may fail? Have you found artists that you admire and want to emulate, and you don't want to "copy"? Are you afraid that you're not good enough to teach?

Finding Your Own Style

I believe an artist fuses his or her dreams, fears, ideas, values, beliefs and life's experiences onto his or her canvas. If you sketch an apple today, and sketch the same apple tomorrow, I imagine they won't look the same. My mood affects how I create. My paintings reflect my determinations and my insecurities, my joys and my fears. My passion is in every color and every stroke.


I believe your dream of becoming a "full-time" artist can become a reality--nothing is impossible. With a smart plan and the courage to fearlessly move ahead with that plan, you can do it! The future is yours to create. You have the power to create your own destiny.


Finding your own style requires studying the masters and those who have gone before you. I should have realized my destiny was drawing portraits when I re-entered my art life learning to draw portraits with colored pencils. The signs were there before my eyes. At the time I was blind to those hints. I was so focused on "learning the craft of painting portraits," that I closed the door to the evidence of my heart's passions.

My path to learn was a serious one. I purchased books by well-known colored pencil artists, and I attended workshop cruises to learn and play at the same time. I purchased the recommended supplies and extra "toys" to practice my craft. Although I enjoyed the workshops and made wonderful friendships, I learned that colored pencil portraits took too much time and required the kind of perfection that did not fit my "nature."

How could I abandon this path after spending all this time and money? And if I abandon this path, what do I do next? Where do I go?

The Girl With a Pearl Earring, Sketch, Original by Johannes Vermeer
by Fannie Narte

I began at "my" beginning. I copied the masters using a simple graphite pencil and my sketchbook. At the same time, I studied art in all its forms, techniques and media. With each new technique and medium, I returned to creating portraits time and again. You would think by now that I would "get" the message. But I didn't. ;-D

Georges Seurat, Sketch
by Fannie Narte

Eventually I returned, again, to portraits, this time using mixed media. Thanks to the classes I've taken by Karyn Gartel and Paulette Insall, and the wonderful artists I admire such as Kelly Rae Roberts. I've found what "fits." I've found my unique style, which combines my other passion--writing. It feels good to have found my passion. My paintings, my writings--Soulful Meditations. Joy!


Teaching your art, your style, your techniques is the next logical step for many. It's another form of sharing, a part that moves many of us. Those who desire to teach usually have the secret desire to help others fly. I enjoy seeing the light in a student's eyes when they "get it." It's a win-win situation. It's the kind of joy that bonds a teacher and a student, a parent and a child.

DREAM "YOUR" DREAMS--It is Possible!

As artists, we bring our own palette of life's experiences to our canvases. Our approach to our art is unique, unlike any other artist, just as our thumbprints are uniquely our own.

Are you afraid to dream your dreams because they seem "impossible"? Nothing is impossible. If you can dream it; it can happen. Anything is possible!

Someday soon, I hope to meet you teaching me in Italy!

Dream your dreams and fly!


Sherry said...

Fannie, you're always so inspiring and encouraging. Hmmm, a little Deja Vu.

Fannie said...

Hi, Sherry. Deja Vu . . . . ;-D I think many of us have similar dreams and similar fears. We all want to create our "own" brand of "beauty." Happy is the artist who finds his/her style and is able to flood the world with its beauty. This is my wish for you.

Diana Evans said...

oh Fannie....what a wonderful post...I truly feel blessed to be able to follow my dreams...

and your quote....

"Are you afraid to dream your dreams because they seem "impossible"? Nothing is impossible. If you can dream it; it can happen. Anything is possible!"

says all I needed to hear yet again....anything is possible if you truly believe it...


kiwicarole said...

Fannie, I never cease to be amazed at your talent!
I imagine you are one inspirational teacher!
;D Carole

morningDove said...

finding your own style - that is a journey. but one full of intrigue.
thanks for sharing how you began, i remember your cruise.


what a wonderfully inspiring post. thank you for giving a voice to the many feelings I have....thank you for your unending support and encouragement...

and BTW...those drawings of the Masters are amazing, girl !!!!

Jacq said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. It made me think about my own journey that started while I was in high school. There have been many turns in the road but I always come back to what I love the most.

Auroma said...

Hi Fannie,
Your thoughts and creative work is just Yours. Beautiful !

I would be happy to follow up your blogs.They are very much inspiring who are ready to sing their own song.
Thanks for sharing