Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanks, Nancy!

My first non-family-member blog commenter that still visits me today and still leaves comments is Jacq. She's been a constant cheerleader for most of my blogging "life." Jacq and I share the same birthdate, which is coming soon!

Soon after that, Dove, became a cheerleader too. Dove was followed by Sherry.

Looking back at my beginnings, these women have validated my writing and my art and encouraged me to continue because they let me know that others, besides my family, enjoyed my writing and creations.

Since those early days, I've joined groups and found more kindred spirits, such as Nancy. Does one ever get tired of hearing cheers and encouragement from friends? Not me. Creating art can "feel" lonely at times, and receiving emails or validation from friends is a great pick-me-up!

I treasure your friendship, Nancy! Thank you for thinking of me.


Both of these awards are presented to the following artists. I wouldn't mind spending studio time creating with these gals: Jacq, Dove, Sherry, Tracy, Michele, Lisa, Melissa, Stephanie, Cheryl, Diana, Diane, and Moira.

Most of these artists visit each day. If you're one of these artists--SURPRISE! I like giving surprises! Please accept these awards which are presented from my heart. Share, if you like.

Thanks for your validations and friendships.


Moira said...

Thank you, I am highly honoured and have posted them on my blog

Scrappy Cat said...

Thank you so much Fannie - I don't know of anyone who would get tired of hearing cheers and encouragement from friends either. And what fun it would be to spend studio time together!

Jacq said...

Thank you for the honor. You are the "sweet" thing that I have with my morning coffee each day. You have shared so much with me.

morningDove said...

thanks fannie, did Nancy create the beautiful awards. There are so many amazing women artists online.

Fannie said...

Thank you, Dear Ladies! Enjoy! You give joy to me and many others who visit you.

No, I don't think Nancy created these, but she could easily create some if she wanted to. ;-D

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
oh what a wonderful surprise! you made my day!

Diana Evans said...

It is so amazing how many wonderful people you can meet through blogging....I am so blessed to have met you Fannie...you are such a warm and giving soul....

Bless you!!!


Lola Enchanted said...

Just stopping by to say hello!!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Congrats Fannie!!!! You deserve it! You are such and encouragement to other and an inspiration to all you touch. Your work is always striking and beautiful. You are such a talented young lady. I wish you much happiness with your creations and artwork. You are so kind and talented. I believe that it will take you far my friend. Take care my friend.

Fannie said...

Surprise Melissa and Diana! ;-D

Nice to meet you, Lola. Thanks for looking.

Vanessa, thanks for your visit. Congrats on your book and thanks for introducing Ruby to the world. I enjoyed looking at all your photos. You look like you had an incredible time. Paper dolls for the young ones were a brilliant idea--Bravo! You are so talented. Send some of your magic my way, please. ;-D

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be, Fannie. I am Hecate RavenMoon, and I found your blog through Lola's when you left her a comment.

I love your blog, and when I get a free moment (which is pretty rare at times) I will be back to read your articles.

I am going to add you to my favorites list, so I can get back to your blog quickly and easily.

Have a wonderful and safe week.

Fantastic Figments said...

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."
- Sent by Donna Roberts

Dearest Fannie you have been so goooood to me. My first friend in blog world you have taken my hand and with that I have found a kindered spirit. You motivate me and keep me going when I am ready to peter out. The road to success is a long one, but not if you are 'flying with a friend'. Thank you Fannie. Know you friendship means a lot to me.

Smooches as always,

Fannie said...

Hi, HRM (Her Royal Majesty) ;-D

Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoy the articles you'll find here. I'll fly over to yours and learn about my new friend. Enjoy!

Fannie said...

Steph! Love that quote by Donna Roberts. Wish I thought of that one! Thanks for sharing.

Success is found in the journey, Dear Steph. You're already successful. You're just picking up gold along the way. Pick some up for me too!

Yep, KSs, we are! Keep flying!

mich said...

You have a guest room waiting for you in CO. Just bring your camera and your play clothes. Seriously, wouldn't that be great? michele

Lisa M Griffin said...

Fannie, thank you! I always enjoy visiting your site and reading your thoughtful posts... many times I leave with a lightness of spirit, thanks to what you have shared. And your work, well it goes without saying, but truly an inspiration.
I enjoy your friendship and am thankful to have "met" you. Have a wonderful weekend.