Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Woman I Think I Am

The Woman I Think I Am, Tag Art
© 2008 Fannie Narte

Michele--friend, fellow artist, and fellow chocoholic--tagged me, and in order to play nicely, I'm to share six random things about myself . . . hmmmm.

Michele's tag post was titled "The Woman I Am." This tag and title, "The Woman I Think I am," with an emphasis on "I Think," is a play off of her title and includes alphabet buttons made from polymer clay, also a play off of her beautiful ceramic buttons.


1. I love visiting libraries. I'll stroll down the biography aisle, randomly pick up something interesting--yesterday I picked up books about Alice Walker and Maya Angelou--find a private table near the window, and read. My journal travels with me everywhere I go. It's handy when a word or stories inspire thoughts that I need to write down. I think I filled about ten pages yesterday.

2. My memories began at age eight. Except for a few snippets of memories in kindergarten, I can't remember anything before the age of eight. I thought everyone was like that, until I heard my daughters recite the fun things they remember when they were "two." Then I heard other people tell stories of when they were "three." ;-(

3. Music in the air; music everywhere. I love music, any kind of music--these words would make a great song! ;-) When I create, I enjoy listening to classical music or easy listening music. If I'm creating a mood piece, I'll listen to soul, jazz, pop or cultural music. "Tapestry" by Carole King, is one of my favorite CD's, which I play in my car. I have an iPod for those times when a CD player is not handy.

4. Others have imaginary friends; I have imaginary papers. Doesn't everybody draw in the air? This often happens when I'm watching TV. A word or song inspires an image, and I immediately draw the ideas dancing in my head onto my imaginary paper in front of me using my finger. After I've worked out the "draft" in the air, then I'll sketch it in my journal. (I don't want to waste time looking for my sketch book. The dancing images may disappear.) ;-)

5. I'm a sponge. So much to do; so little time. I fill my "down" time with projects. Sitting in the waiting room, traveling, trips to the salon . . . my sketch book, books or magazines satisfy my thirst for learning.

6. Speed Reading. Many years ago, I decided that I "needed" to learn to speed read so that I could read all the books that were waiting on the bookshelves in the library. I read How-to books, listened to tapes, practiced, and now I can speed-read my way through books that interest me. So many interesting books! Helps with my school work too--all that reading. Sigh.

Thanks for the tag, Michele!

I enjoy getting to know all of you from the comments you post and especially when you respond to the prompts at the end of each of my posts. I appreciate you taking the time to click those buttons and keys. Keep those keys clicking. ;-D

Do you draw on imaginary paper?


Jacq said...

I keep learning more things about you. I so enjoy reading all the things you share.

mich said...

I too am crazy about libraries. I get my tax dollars worth! I remember fragments of kindergarten, but nothing prior... I am the slowest reader in the world. I can actually picture you drawing in the air, like you're conducting your own creative symphony. That 'tagging' feels like a burden, but I love learning 'human' facts about individuals that seem too perfect to be real. Lots of love.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie....I love learning new things about you dearest friend!!!

Great post and I am loving the whole speed reading thing...that would be exactly what I need to learn....

Hugs and have a wonderful day!!!

Fotf said...

Another really interesting read. I too have a distinct lack of childhood memory. I have never thought about what i remember in terms of age but always think someone else lived my childhood. There must be a good reason for that, it wasn't all fun and games i know that much. Anyway i'm not getting on my bandwagon here, dont' want to bring down the mood.Keep creating :-)

morningDove said...

all but one of your comments I can relate too - so that's why we are so connected. Imaginary paper - i should try it - it has to be inexpensive, lol.

Dawn said...

Stunning Tag!
Would love you to stop on by our Tag Challenge blog on Fridays!


Kate said...

No, I do not draw on imaginary paper. But I imagine you might look a little funy when you do! LOL! That's great, though, Fannie.

In my dreams, I am very aware of colors, textures, tastes and even smells! So I guess thart might be something unusual about me. Does anyone else recall dreams containing smells?

My memories go back to about age 3 or 4. My twin brother remembers the 1st moon landing and watching it at my grandparents...I wish I could remember that.

Fannie, I am having a little "trade" at my blog that you might be interested in participating in. Check it out!

Fannie said...

Thanks, Jacq. You've become family. You probably know me as much as my family does.

Michele, again, I love the way you interpret ideas--creative symphony. You may have inspired future art pieces with your words. Tagging is a joy in one way in that it shows that someone is interested in my thoughts, and sort of a burden in that I enjoy a certain amount of privacy, and choosing what I "want" to share takes time. But it's never a burden to receive a gift of friendship. Thank you for your friendship.

Diana, enjoy learning to speed read. I imagine you'll learn quickly.

Fannie said...

Hi, Fotf. I don't know what is hidden in my first eight years, but it must be hidden for a reason. I'll just let it be. If it surfaces some day, then I hope I'll be mature enough by then to accept whatever appears. Thanks for sharing your heart. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Dove, we are connected in many ways, aren't we? Nice. Imaginary paper . . . it does present a funny scene, no? Hah!

Thanks, Dawn. I visited your site and would enjoy participating in your challenges. It's another way to develop my art and enjoy new friendships. Thanks for taking the time to share your heart.

Kate, I really am sane, really . . . I am, aren't I? ;-D You've shared wonderful and special memories. Thank you! A chance to trade treasures with you would be an honor. Thanks for the invite!