Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Gifts from Michele

Michele from EYEmbellishments sent me these beautiful birthday gifts: a Pashmina, a special ceramic button with a phrase I coined--"Friends Help You Fly," and a matchbox necklace containing affirmations. I love all of them, Michele! It's great to see my phrase in a work of art by someone else. You've paid me a high compliment! I'm still thinking about how to use my ceramic button. Thinking . . . .

Yes, these definitely are treasures. But the gift I treasure the most is her "gift of friendship."

Michele and her business partner, Terry, were recently featured in the July/August 2008 issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. If you visit Michele's blog, you'll see photos of her Sibs, her delightful friends.

Michele is a fellow chocoholic--although she prefers to eat hers in the form of cake and rum. ;-D I'm just a plain-old chocolate bar junkie.


"EYEmbellishments is a new division of Expressly Yours, creating whimsical embellishment cards and kits. Terry and Michele (aka tt and myc) have handcrafted ceramic buttons and art cards for your creative endeavors. These pieces can be taken apart and used in your own crafts and quilts or simply enjoyed as they are."


Your gifts are appreciated, and they brightened my day!

Celebrating wrinkles with friends is fun. Friends make your heart sing!


Sherry said...

Love the button and the necklace. You are so deserving.

mich said...

Wow, you always make me look and sound good. I'm forcing myself back in to day-to-day routines and catching up on you, your art and blog makes it quite pleasant. LOVE the apple quilt. gorgeous. michele

Fannie said...

Thanks, Sherry!

Hi, Michele. Thanks for your gifts. Yes, getting back into the routine takes time. Take the time you need. Artists don't have down time. Our minds are always creating in our thoughts and our experiences are the inspiration. I don't make you look good--you are good!