Monday, November 10, 2008

Magic Happens . . .

Magic Happens, Mixed Media Fiber Art Quilt, 8" x 10"
© 2008 Fannie Narte

Good Monday to All! Hope you had a great weekend.

"Magic Happens," was inspired by my conversation with friends, which includes family--those who leave comments to my posts, and those who communicate with me by private e-mails. In my world, the words "friends" and "family" are interchangeable.

It seems that there is a need for validation, acknowledgement and encouragement. These needs will always be present as long as hearts live.

To hear someone say:

"You're okay,"

"Everything will be all right,"

"Yes, you are entitled to those feelings,"

"I understand,"

or "I'll hold your hand,"

can replace fears with confidence; it can fill a void or dark hole, or it can fill the darkness with light. It can be the saving words that one needs to hear in order to return to creativity or return to life.

Give yourself permission to explore an idea and to make mistakes during your explorations. In my world, "mistakes" do not exist. Mistakes, in my world, are opportunities that lead to new discoveries. Partner with courage and step into the exciting world of explorations. In that world, you may find new techniques, and you may discover new ideas that make your heart sing. In the world of explorations, nothing is guaranteed, but everything will take you higher.

"Yes, you are an artist." You are whoever you want to be.

"Yes, people will buy your art." Diverse tastes and the Internet makes this possible.

"Yes, there's room for your brand of art." Marc Chagall and Picasso flourished in the same space.

"Magic" is free to all who can imagine. It is yours without conditions. Let "Magic Happen."

Magic Happens . . .

~when kindred spirits meet

~when possibilities become realities

~when knowledge becomes wisdom

~when faith flourishes and hope wins

~when hearts learn to fly.

Friends Help You Fly!
~Fannie Narte~

And, "Yes, you are loved."

"Magic Happens" in a frame.

I like to frame small works of art, 8" x 10," 9" x 12," 4" x 6," etc., and randomly hang them on a wall in a collage design.

How do you display your small works of art?



thanks for the magic today :)

Fannie said...

You're welcome, Nancy! I wish you magic every day!

morningDove said...

I hang all the trades I receive in a large poster frame together. I love that they mingle and are all different. Like we artists are all different. I love your magic.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Ah Fannie, leave it to you to set the world on fire with such a positive and encouraging post. It is sometimes hard to see the magic that does surround us, but you never cease to remind your follow artists that it is there and that it is attainable. Lovely post!

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie...wonderful post today and everyday...You have a warmth and special way of writing and sharing your work...

Thank you!!!!

I had a big breakfast on the weekend and I showed off all your wonderful work....I am so lucky to have so many pieces!!!


Fannie said...

What a neat idea, Dove! Your framed art sounds like a mosaic of color, shapes and designs, which fits with your idea that they "mingle and are all different." Thanks for sharing.

Happy Monday, Lisa! I hope you "notice" the magic that surrounds you each day. Thanks for your comments!

Hi, Diana! A big breakfast--you are the hostess and I'm sure all your guests did not want to leave. Thanks for supporting me, many times and every day. ;-D

Sherry said...

Another beautiful piece of art and strong encouraging words. Thank you for sharing.

Fannie said...

Sherry, thanks for inspiring me daily. You are loved.

Genie said...

Lovely work Fannie.
Have a good week

Lisa M Griffin said...

Hi Fannie.... you have been tagged! =)

quiltcrazygal said...

Thank you for reminding me of the magic in my world. Blessings, Jenna Louise

Fantastic Figments said...

Great post Fannie,
Too funny, although not in the same context but I have been talking about magic all week to Adam. I was speaking more about magic of the holidays but I definately beleive in magic of all kinds and it is soooo important to realize that magic can happen when we least expect it and to keep an open mind!

But you are right I can't wait to get up in the morning and see what all my blogging friend are up to. I can't wait to read my email and see an encouraging word. They help us go on. The validation is there. And who better to give you the extra push than another person who knows exactly what you are going through.

Great post Fannie!

talk to you soon :)