Sunday, December 28, 2008

Artistic Christmas Cards

Copyright by Kym Bowles

I received a few clever and personalized Christmas cards this year. Here are three:

The first one is from Nancy. Nancy added the statement: "I should have shopped at ETSY!" It fits, doesn't it? Nice collaboration, Nancy!

Copyright by Sandra Evertson

The second card is from Sandra. She stamped the card and the envelope and added a few personal touches. I'm sure this is one of her rubber stamp images. I marvel at the intricate lines and details from her rubber stamped images.

Copyright Michele of EYEmbellishments

This card is from Michele. She makes beautiful ceramic buttons. Her product presentation is smart--you can either frame it as is or remove the button and use it in your artwork.

Hope you find inspiration from these cards. Maybe they will inspire you to rubber stamp, or create buttons out of polymer clay, or try your hand at pen and ink illustrations. These explorations may open the door to new discoveries in your artwork and take you on an exciting artistic journey in 2009. Enjoy!


Brenda said...

What beautiful cards you received. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

julie king said...

each of these works of art is very special. thanks so much for sharing!

laughingwolf said...

excellent cards, thx fannie :D


Fannie, I'm glad my added phrase gave you a smile :)

I have an award over at my blog for you...

happy new year, sweetie!!!

Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing these Fannie. They are all lovely and unique. Lucky you.

Anonymous said...

I love your artwork!

Fannie said...

You're welcome, Brenda. These are all so different, I had to share. Hope it provides inspiration.

Yes, they are special, Julie. You've made my day special by stopping by and leaving a comment.

You're welcome, LW.

Nancy, your card gave me a smile and a warm hug! Happy New Year to you!

Luck, good fortune, blessed--I am. Lucky and grateful to have good friends like you, too. Thanks, Sherry!

Thanks Couture--love your artwork, too! Your art fulfills the Victorian side of me. Thanks!

Beth said...

Beautiful cards Fannie! Thanks for sharing.

Fannie said...

Hi, beautiful Beth! Nice to see you.