Sunday, December 7, 2008


Frostee's arms were full of packages stacked to his chin. He was trailing his family who was crossing the threshold of Melissa Langer's shop. There was a bench outside of Melissa's shop, which Frostee was grateful to occupy.

Frostee Jr., Crystal and Mrs. Frostee were enchanted by the wares in Pug Notes. Everything and anything imaginable was dressed with images of toothy grinned and tail wagging pugs. There were pendants and charms, purses, fiber art, and prints. Mrs. Frostee placed three rolls of pug gift wrap in her basket, and Crystal found a two-sided change purse for herself.

Today's first giveaway item is a set of 4 Large Pug Tag Cards which Melissa created from her hand-carved stamps.

Visit Melissa's Etsy shop and her blog. Be sure to say "Hi."

Mrs. Frostee found Frostee asleep on the bench outside of Pug Notes. She gently lifted his arm and placed more packages among the others that were offering him comfort as pillows.

The last shop the Frostees visited--except for Frostee, who was dreaming of cupcakes, marshmallows and ice cream--was across the street. It was a two-story cottage. Sherry Carrigan, the shop owner, offered her embroidery designs from Sophie Babies on the first floor. Mrs. Frostee found a onesie and a matching burp cloth with images of cats on the front.

The Christmas before Frostee Jr. was born, Mrs. Frostee gave Frostee a special present announcing her surprise. Frostee popped one of his button eyes when he opened his gift box and found a blue snowbaby blanket.

Mrs. Frostee entertained the idea of surprising Frostee again--this time as a prank. The idea only lasted two seconds before she was distracted by the music coming from the second floor. She climbed the spiral staircase all the way to the top and found herself surrounded by beautiful paintings. Sherry offered mixed media paintings and art on the second floor. She thought Daydreamer and To Hear an Angel would look great in their family room.

The second giveaway item for today is a Black Fleece Scarf with Monogram from Sophie Babies. The winner gets to choose the letter and thread color for the monogram.

The last item in this giveaway is an original ACEO, "Feel the Music in Your Heart," from Sherry Carrigan. This ACEO was donated by Sherry for this giveaway. Thanks, Sherry!

Visit Sherry at her Etsy Shops and her blog. Introduce yourself and say "Hi."

The Frostees were happy shoppers. They found wonderful handmade gifts for all their loved ones. Frostee Jr. was tired and ready for his hot chocolate. Crystal couldn't wait to share her gift finds with her best friend, Jacq. Frostee was weary. Mrs. Frostee revisited the idea of that special gift for Frostee . . . is it a prank-prank? Hah!

Leave a comment to this post to be entered in my special giveaway. Winners will be announced on Wednesday.

Thank you for playing. Buy Homemade.

Thank you Sherry, Melissa, Diana, Lisa, Beth and Nancy!

A special thank you to the Frostees: Mrs. Frostee, Frostee, Frostee Jr., and Crystal.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Feel the music in your heart, and make room for some silliness and laughter, too.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie
thank you for the wonderful post. you made my day!

Beth said...

Hi Fannie! I love your little stories about the shopping spree of the Frostees. You are so creative. These items are all very lovely. Thanks for the ideas for shopping. And thank you for including me!

Sherry said...

Thank you again Fannie for including me. What a sweet story and adventure from the Frostees.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie...another perfect post...these are wonderful shops!!! You always have a wonderful story behind are the sweetest!!

Have a wonderful Sunday...


Anonymous said...

sounds like mr and mrs frostie has a lovely day!

Genie said...

Hi Fannie, love these little stories everyday. and such wonderful goodies to look at and possibly with a chance to win.
cheers genie

Tiddly Inks said...

I like the Frostees, and those scarves are lovely. :)

Brenda said...

I love you Frostees, hehe. Thanks for your wonderful posts Fannie.

marianne said...

Yes Fannie handmade presents are the best!

morningDove said...

I love all of these. And of course I just love Sherry's shop, esp. since I have a new little nephew. Thank you Frostees for sharing a piece of your lives with us.

Scrappy Cat said...

Everything is so cute Fannie - and you're so very generous!

Sunny said...

This is the absolute cutest blog giveaway ever! It doesn't hurt that it includes the cutest dogs ever! I'm glad I made my way here through Beth's blog.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Another fun post... you are truly touching as all with the spirit of the holidays. Thanks Fannie! =)

Jacq said...

Another Christmas story. You hace such a wonderful imagination.

Jacq said...

Another Christmas story. You hace such a wonderful imagination.