Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wintry Serendipity

Wintry Serendipity, Mixed Media Original, 8" x 8"
© 2008 Fannie Narte
Not For Sale

Luck, good fortune, happy accident, chance . . . serendipity. That's what I thought when I gently removed the plastic wrap from this canvas during my recent play day of background experiments. Thus, the title "Wintry Serendipity."

This was painted on an 8" x 8" gallery profile canvas (1-3/8") using acrylic paints. Gold leafing was added to the tree trunk.

by Claudine Hellmuth

This book offers tutorials for different textured background painting techniques using common household items such as masking tape, Elmer's glue and dishwasher rinse aid resist--yes, you read that correctly. It's an amazing technique. My favorite is the "plastic wrap crinkle." The background texture in my painting, Wintry Serendipity, uses this technique.

Claudine invites the reader to "Get ready to stretch your imagination, mix things up and embark on another artistic adventure." That's what I've been doing during the holidays--mixing things up, and sometimes messing things up. ;-D But it's all a part of the process, right? Mix up, mess up--it all brings joy, wonder and awe to our explorations.

Wintry Serendipity was one of five canvases I painted using the plastic wrap crinkle technique. All of them turned out very different from each other. It is nearly impossible to duplicate the backgrounds--I tried. This brings new meaning to one of my favorite words: possibility.


I appreciated Claudine's chapter on "Developing Your Personal Style." I think most of us are on a quest to find our own style. We study; we research; we read; we experiment; we admire artists; we dream.


For some lucky artists, they find their niche quickly and fly. While they're flying, we watch their flight, we celebrate their successes, we read their books, we buy their art, we dream their realities, and we hope for similar flight plans.


Are there others out there like me who wander the great internet universe, searching for inspiration and seemingly squander aimlessly in search for the light, that bright light that shouts--"Fannie Narte, this is your style!" Hah! So dramatic! Hee hee.


I can't say I've found my personal style, but I believe I've found bits of it: my keyboard, my heart angels, my girls, my cats . . . . Until I see the light or hear that shout, I'll continue as I am, studying, researching, reading, experimenting, admiring, dreaming, and yes, wandering and squandering aimlessly in the great internet universe. It's a great place to stroll. That's how I found many of you. Wink-wink.

See you. Maybe we'll meet while I'm wandering and squandering. Enjoy creating!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

Hi Fannie!
Oh i love your new canvas! It is so exciting. What a great process! It is like printmaking. You never can plan exactly what will appear!

Genie said...

Hi Fannie, hope you had a great xmas, love the new canvas!
wishing you a Happy and Creative New Year

Beth said...

Yes, I love your wintry serendipity too.
I love experiementing and wandering myself. I've been struggling with that personal style issue for awhile. I wonder if you can have 2 or 3 styles? I enjoy switching back and forth.
Maybe, no I'm sure I will run into you on my stroll...

Fannie said...

melissa, nice to see you. the surprise element is nice, isn't it?

genie! Happy New Year to you, too!! hope your Christmas was a fulfilling event--it was for me--i'm full! ate too much . . .

i'm positive you can have two or three or more styles, beth. go for it! you're the driver. all of us, the internet strollers, are in your bus and going along with you enjoying the scenery and the ride. where will you take us next? ;-D

julie king said...

i so love the texture in your painting. this is a technique i want to explore as well. where can i get claudine's book?

Fantastic Figments said...

Hi Fannie,
I love this expirement! I think it is awesome I have tried using plastic wrap a few times.. I like yours better! HAHA.. I think I might have to look into getting that book so I can try some new and fun techniques!

Sorry I haven't been around lately but I am sure you understand. 2009 I am looking to be healthy and getting back in the swing of things.

Big smooches to my awesomely talented friend Fannie,

Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

Fannie....I love the simplicity and the texture of this piece. It is a beautiful canvas. I don't know if I would be able to paint anything else on it.

I am struggling so much right now with trying to find my style. There is so many different process that I have fallen in love with this past year that I think I am on overload and don't know what direction to go. That is why I have not been creating lately and just learning new software. I am hoping the new year will lead me somewhere so that I can get my hands into something other than the computer.

Happy New Year to you and your family and may the new year bring you wonderful things.

Your friend,

Scrappy Cat said...

I love your canvas - it's really beautiful! And in answer to your question - yes, there are other who wander - I do! I haven't figured out my personal style yet either, but I'm having fun, so that's the most important thing. I think you are too.

Brenda said...

Fannie, love the canvas. I will have to drag that book out and spend some time with it. I can really relate to your post, being new to the art world, I am looking to find my style. I feel so blessed to have found you and people like you that have and are encouraging me to fly. Happy New Year.

Dawn said...

Such a wonderful canvan - gorgeous colour and texture.
Yes I agree cyberspace is a great place to wonder sometimes aimlessly sometimes with a definite purpose..
and occasionally we cross the paths of like minded beings and friends are made and nurtured ...

Wishing you a brilliant New Year and looking forward to your wonderful work and inspiration in 2009..