Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Etsy Treasury--Shades of Red plus Blue

Etsy Treasury by Cool Jewelry Designs

Pam, Etsy shop owner of Cool Jewelry Designs 1 and 2 included my Whimsical Pear in her treasury.

Pam's poetic phrase ". . . this is just one way the tapestry of friends unfolds here at Etsy . . ." in response to my e-mail expressing gratitude to her for including my item in her Treasury embodies the definition of "the spirit of aloha" and one of my chosen words for 2009, "generosity."

the spirit of aloha

the short definition of the phrase "the spirit of aloha" is the expression of love, understanding and generosity between two or more people. it is giving without conditions or expectations, and receiving with deep gratitude and respect. gifts can be in the form of words, goods, actions and sometimes "silence." it is more than a behavior or a phrase that describes one's character; it is a lifestyle, a way of "being."

imagine receiving a gift from a stranger, "stranger" in the sense of never having met, and reading her words: "I stayed up reallllly late to snag the treasury--love doing them! Be well." ~Pam~

her efforts to "'snag' the treasury" and her simple words "Be well" . . . make my heart sing and leap upward. the spirit of aloha . . . thanks, pam.

i'm sure there are phrases or words that mean the same thing as "the spirit of aloha" in other languages or cultures. i believe the Zulu's word is "ubuntu."

Do you have a word or phrase that have similar meaning to the "spirit of aloha"?


cooljewelrydesign said...

Fannie, you are such a dear girl to take the time out to blog about our treasury...as it belongs to all of the artists, no? I just curated it--brought it to life.

I love your art and will visit your shop again. I hope you visit me, too, at http://cooljewelrydesign.etsy.com and my other shop http://cooljewelryJR.etsy.com

I wish the spirit of "aloha" back to you tenfold...and don't forget to live in the present tense. :-)


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Melissa and Emmitt said...

congratulations fannie!
how wonderful!

Sherry said...

congrats to you dear friend.

Kelly said...

beautiful treasury, fannie! i see my friend karen faulkner is included in there too!

Jacq said...

Congratulations my friend.

morningDove said...

wow where has time gone. been a while since i checked in. you are a busy lady and creating some beautiful journals. back at college i presume or online; probably both you are so organized.