Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kindred Spirits . . .

Kindred Spirits Journey Together, Mixed Media Original Painting, 8" x 10"
© 2009 Fannie Narte
Fine Art Print For Sale

When kindred spirits journey together, two hearts are blessed.

Who are the kindred spirits in your life?

My husband is a kindred spirit; my daughters are kindred spirits, too. Many of my kindred spirits live throughout the country and the world. Most of them I haven't met in person . . . yet.

What is a kindred spirit?

Someone you connect with, someone who reads your thoughts, someone who finishes your sentences, someone who gives you what you need before you know you need it . . .

Celebrate Kindred Spirits.

I'm grateful for the kindred spirits who visit my blog, who leave encouragement and questions, and who send me e-mails. I celebrate YOU. Thank you.


Fotf said...

Another lovely peice, love your ladies x My kindred spirit is my good friend Glenny the reiki lady that you have heard about, my friend up the road, Lee who thinks like me beyond belief and on occasions my husband when were on the same wavelength :-) and seemingly my new creative blog friends :-)

Sherry said...

Your flight plan is definitely on course. My opinion, this is one of your best pieces ever. You are one of my kindred spirits and I'm so totally grateful.

marianne said...

Just beautiful ! Everything! The painting, the thoughts and words!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

what a beautiful post fannie.
i am so lucky to have so many kindred spirits in my life.

Thelma-Art said...

Lovely piece. Their peaceful faces are so beautiful.

morningDove said...

I love the transparency in the wing showing through to the piano keys. Transparent - that's a great word and a great accomplishment connected with love.
And the two hearts remind me of a delicious box of chocolates.

Jacq said...

This is a beautiful piece. I love your thoughts on it.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Wow... love this new piece and the thoughtful post on kindred spirits. It is such a timely post, considering I enjoyed going to a friends house the other evening to have my palm read. I had never done this before but it was quite interesting AND I was told I have many soul mates in my life. So yes, I celebrate a life blessed with many inspiring, kindred spirits or soul mates. Thanks for sharing Fannie.

Regina said...

Fannie, this piece is gorgeous.
You were one of my earliest blogging friends and consider you a kindred spirit. xo
Blessings to you in the new year.
I gave you a blog award today that you can pick up at my blog if you'd like.

Fannie said...

Kerri, I'm honored to have you count me as one of your kindred spirits. thanks. thanks for the chuckle, too, about your husband: "when we're on the same wavelength." hah! not being on the same wavelength at times is good--it adds "excitement," spice . . .

I'm totally grateful, too, Sherry! KSF . . . i'm feeling silly, serious and silly.

Thanks, Marianne and Melissa. Kindred spirits help us fly! Thank you!

Welcome, Thelma-Art! Nice to meet you. Hope you find inspiration and friendship here.

Dove, transparency, love, chocolates . . . oooo, chocolates! You are special!

Jacq, you are one of the kindred spirits that inspired those words. thank you!

Lisa, thanks for sharing your heart. having your palm read is an interesting experience. i had my palm read when i was single, and i don't remember what was said. acknowledging the blessings in your life is one way to increase the feeling of gratitude. thank you for your friendship, lisa.

Hi, Regina! glad we're friends! i'll stop by your blog today. thanks for your friendship!

Janet said...

I love this piece of art....and the thought behind it.

Brenda said...

I love this painting. You have done such beautiful work in my absence. It is so wonderful about your art quilts and how much money you have raised, absolutely brilliant.