Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Love From Friends

This award is from Stephanie who blogs at Fantastic Figments. Stephanie is an Etsy shop owner. She creates whimsical fantastic figments. Take a peek at her sites. Thanks, Stephanie!

Regina, who blogs at RGR Designs Blog presented this award. Regina is an Etsy shop owner, too. She designs handcrafted jewelry. You can learn more about Regina at her website. Thanks, Regina!

I would like to pass these on to: Janet, Julie, Genie, Guzzisue and Cheryl. Surprise! Feel free to take this award and pass it on, if you like.

Speak words of kindness each day. Find time to laugh.


Janet said...

Wow! Thank you so much!!

Genie said...

Thanks Fannie,
lost for words lol
have a great weekend

Guzzisue said...

bet you think I'm ignoring you, so sorry I'm late with this, please forgive :-) thanks so much xx