Friday, January 16, 2009

Post Christmas Quiz from Kerri

Kerri, who blogs at Constellations, compiled the following quiz and extended an invitation to play.

1) What is your favourite childhood memory of Christmas?

Staying up late on Christmas Eve to attend midnight mass, then returning home to open one present, which was a new set of pajamas.

2) What was your favourite childhood gift?

My Tammy doll.

3) What would you like to re-kindle about your Christmas’s in the naughties?

I would like to echo Kerri's sentiments: "I would love people to bear in mind that it’s the thought that counts not how many pounds (dollars) you spend!"

4) What was your favorite moment about Christmas 2008?

Watching my family play unwrap the present. It's sort of like musical chairs, except a present, which was wrapped and securely taped many times, is passed around the family circle while Christmas music is playing. When the music stops, whoever is holding the present gets to tear into the present. When the music begins, the present must again be passed around the circle until the next time the music stops. This is repeated until the gift is totally unwrapped. The person holding the gift when it is finally unwrapped wins the gift. It's just a silly game we play.

5) What was your favourite gift?

Difficult to pick one. If I'm allowed to go philosophical, I'd answer: being able to spend Christmas with loved ones.

6) What did you mention doing this Christmas?

I talked about baking quite a bit.

7) What are you most thankful for as one year leaves and another one starts?

Another year, another month, another day, another chance, to correct mistakes, to learn more, to love my best.

Thank you, Kerri. I enjoyed your questions. Thanks for the reflections of the past Christmas and the coming year.

Kerri states that there are no rules for this. I'd like to tag: Sherry and Jacq.

Have a great weekend.


Sherry said...

Thanks Fannie. I did play along.

Fotf said...

That was so interesting, thanks for sharing and playing along :-)