Monday, January 12, 2009

Whimsical Pear

Whimsical Pear, Original Mixed Media Fiber Art Quilt, 7" x 7"
© 2009 Fannie Narte
For Sale

One of my favorite images, the pear.


Meeting like-minded friends through the Internet is a daily occurrence. If you're a blogger, you either meet people who visit you and leave comments to your posts, or you meet people by visiting their blogs and leaving comments. If you own an Etsy shop, getting an e-mail from Etsy is exciting because it usually means a sale or a contact.

I received both kinds of e-mail through Etsy from Kelly Warren.

Happy Shack

Kelly blogs at Happy Shack, and she has an Etsy shop. An excerpt of her profile reads:

"I'm a full-time working wife and mom of twin five-year-old girls who are the light of my life. I work with college students by day (and okay, sometimes nights and weekends in this line of work...) and in my "spare time", I create jewelry, art and music."


Kelly has featured different Etsy shops and their owners for some time now. She featured me and my websites yesterday. Why does she do this? Her answer is simple: "I'm inspired by so many people I find on Etsy that I have to share!" I can understand her feelings because I, too, share when I'm excited.


I believe generosity breeds success. My definition of success: an abundance of peace, contentment, happiness in all areas of life, riches in the form of family and friends . . .

Thanks for sharing, Kelly, and for your generosity.



Kelly said...

Thanks so much, Fannie!

morningDove said...

a pair of hearts came to mind looking at this and then i read your post about twin girls. interesting. beautiful purple pear.
are those seeds on the table below the pears? lol.

Martha Lever said...

That was sweet of Kim at the Happy Shack. I enjoyed looking at her blog and I also went to your website. You have such lovely pieces of art there, Fannie.

Sherry said...

Always admire your pears Fannie.

Brenda said...

Your pear is divine. As they say Fannie, what goes around, comes around (or similar?), your generosity has come back in a lovely circle.

Jacq said...

Your pear is wonderful. Thanks for sharing Kelly's blog with us.

Regina said...

I count Kelly as one of my blogging buddies & I'm so glad the two of you connected.
Your pear is lovely. xo

julie king said...

a kind of bloggy land pay it forward, eh? you so deserve the recognition! i'm off to check out kelly's sites as well!

julie king said...

i meant to say that i really like the whimsical pear piece -- the colors, the buttons and all the other little details. so nice!!

marianne said...

Wonderful pear!
Love this story, so true!