Monday, March 16, 2009


Poppies 1, Watercolors on Paper, 6" x 9"
I'm taking a watercolor class with Michelle Brown. This is my first attempt at poppies. I think the colors are too light.

Poppies 2, Watercolors on Paper, 6" x 9"

This one is darker, but I think it would look better with more values.

Poppies 3, Watercolors on Paper, 6" x 9"
© 2009 Fannie Narte

This one has more values, and I just had to add black lines around the images. I first painted the veins with white acrylic paint, and let it dry. Then I painted over it with watercolors.

The center of the each poppy is done with black India ink.

Thanks for looking.


Jacq said...

Your poppies are beautiful. I love watercolors, I wish I was better at painting with them.

Martha Lever said...

Just beautiful, Fannie!!! The Daffodils were hard and I have beenthinking it's about time to move on to Tulips!

Michelle said...

They're beautiful, Fannie. I am especially drawn to the first one. I haven't used my watercolors in ages ... they are such a total diversion from the usual that sometimes they are just what I need!

marianne said...

Wow what a beautiful result!

Genie said...

Well done Fannie
Beautiful Poppies

Brenda said...

How lovely. You and Martha are so inspiring with your beautiful poppies and Michelle Brown's classes - that might just have to be the next on line class I do!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Lovely! Looks like you are really enjoying your classes... these are just wonderful, and so delicate. Thanks for sharing. =)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie!

i love all of your poppies! the translucence of the watercolor is just perfect!


TextileTraveler said...

Wow, you're doing really well with the watercolor painting. When I saw the last one, I was immediately reminded of your fabric pieces with the black stitching. Very nice.

Sherry said...

Fantastic poppies. Whatever medium you choose, you master each so easily.

Fannie said...

Thanks for your visits and encouraging comments!

Jacq, watercolors were my first medium when I returned to art. I purchased all the supplies, had my books and videos in hand and learned that it was harder than I thought. So I went to colored pencils and found that colored pencils took longer than desired. So now I find myself back with watercolors and loving it. The time had to be right. You may want to try watercolors when your time is right. You may enjoy it too. :-D

Martha, your daffodils are beautiful! Everything you paint turns out wonderful. Keep going.

Michelle, I'll have to keep a close watch on your blog and see if some watercolor pieces pop up. Thanks for visiting.

Nice to see you, Marianne. Thanks for popping in.

Thanks, Genie. Always good to see you.

I imagine you'll do great with watercolors, Brenda. Maybe I'll see some poppies popping on your blog, and maybe a bird? ;-D

Hi, Lisa. How are you? Yes, I'm having fun, thanks. I've always been interested in watercolors, but haven't felt successful with it until now. Hug the Littles for me.

Hi, Melissa. I wonder what a watercolor pug would look like? Hmmmm. Nice to see you.

Hi, TT. Yes, I think I added the black ink in the last one because I'm drawn to doing so just like my thread sketching. Keen observation. However, in this piece, it didn't work well. Oops.

Sherry, thanks for your compliment, but it isn't easy. Michelle makes it look easy, but when you put brush to paper, it's a different story. I tend to internalize the instructions for weeks, and I study the technicalities of the medium to understand how it reacts to different conditions. Then when I feel like I "think" I understand the medium, I have a go. When I allow my mind to censure and control what I'm doing, I'm not too pleased with the results (Paintings 2 and 3). When I just paint without judgment, I like the results better--Painting #1. Paintings and Artists are all works in progress. Thanks, Sherry.

Regina said...

Fannie, all the results are pretty, but I LOVE the 3rd one with so much depth & character.
Oh, watercolor is so challenging, but it is rewarding.