Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cruisin' Creatin'

Cruisin' Creatin', Digital Art, 8" x 10"
© 2009 Fannie Narte

Today's image was inspired by the title of a song, Cruisin', written by Smokey Robinson (one of my favorite artists), and Marvin Tarplin. I added a Fannie twist--borrowing a few lines of lyrics, respectfully taken out of context to illustrate my view of cruisin' . . . and creatin'.

Thanks for the borrowed lyrics Smokey and Marvin:

let's cruise away from here
the way is clear
let the music take your mind
just release and you will find
you're gonna fly away.


i used one of my photographs, a painting and my computer software to produce the images on this post.

imagine, create, inspire ===>

+ + software
photograph + painting +

the borrowed lyrics from "Cruisin" illustrate how i feel
when i'm creatin'.

it's almost like i'm cruisin',

cruisin', creatin',

with the sunset as my companion

against a warm, welcoming horizon,

and palm trees swayin'.

i listen to the music,

let the vibrations transport me back,
way back,
back to my past,



climbing trees



the mood moves my brush,

a splash of color here,
a dash of highlight there.

then my art quilt finds its song
and it dances,

and spins,

and twirls to the rhythms of my sewing machine . . .

and i . . .
let the music take my mind . . .
and i . . .

fly . . .
away . . .



wow....what fun you've had ...everything looks great :) Happy Easter to you too :)

Brenda said...

Your versatility never ceases to amaze me - I love your digital art.
Happy Easter to you and your family Fannie. Hugs Brenda

Fannie said...

hi, nancy! glad you stopped by. hope you're crusin' during this holiday weekend. happy easter to you and your family.

this was fun, brenda. thanks for taking the time to visit and share your good wishes. take care. enjoy the easter celebrations with your family.

Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing Fannie. You and your art are beautiful. Have a Blessed Easter, my dear Friend.

Diana Evans said...

WOW Fannie!!! this is such a wonderful montage of all of your clever work....I love it and it was just what I needed ....a nice little vacation!!!


julie king said...

wow! you can do everything! way to go! so glad i found your blog -- a creative place to get inspiration!

happy easter!

Jacq said...

It looks like you are having alot of fun. I love your creations.

morningDove said...

very interesting work, Happy Easter tomorrow.

Beth said...

Happy Easter Fannie! Love the variations on a few elements! You are so creative, as usual. Hugs to you! Beth

jgr said...

These are gorgeous!! WOW. Thank you for even more inspiration. Happy Easter, too.

Dawn said...

Hi Fannie

Oh it's been a while since I stopped by - what HAVE you been up to this is amazing - just idyllic images - my friend is away on a Caribbean Cruise as I type - how lucky is she! Bet she is seeing some of these sunsets too!

Hope you are well

DeBee said...

Oh, Fannie, what fun! Are you using Photoshop or ??? Love that you are using your photos and paintings together... then taking the result and playing more! You really are Cruisin'!

Michelle said...

terrific stuff, Fannie! Just beautiful and what fun.

Regina said...

You must have been just floating away. Your joy is evident as I progressed from one image to the next. I am impressed!