Saturday, April 25, 2009

Imagine, Create, Inspire

Imagine, Create, Inspire, Art Quilt, 8" x 10"
© 2009 Fannie Narte

My Etsy shop has been neglected lately mostly because my art has taken a different turn. I'm adding a few new items to my shop on Monday.

Here's a sneak peak at one of my new items.

It's an art quilt,
but is it really just an art quilt?

Here are two more photos showing the different elements to my new item.

What do you think this is?

A hint: It was created to delight the creative soul.

Come back on Monday to see my new items for my Etsy shop.

Enjoy your weekend!


Lisa M Griffin said...

Can't wait to see Fannie... you have me so curious.
Will check back with you Monday. Have a great weekend. =)

Scrappy Cat said...

Is it some sort of portfolio or tote? I can see a pocket in one picture - can't wait to see more details!

Jacq said...

I'll be back to check things out on Monday.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Fannie!!!

this is wonderful...your work always inspires...and you always come up with the most creative pieces....I think this is a moleskin pocket carrier....that is my guess from your wonderful photos....I will be back to check it out on Monday!!!