Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Inspires You?

Yellow Pansies, Fabric Collage Elements
© 2009 Fannie Narte

The yellow petals were made from fabric paper. The face of the pansies were made from a piece of musical notes printed fabric, which I painted with acrylics. Thread sketching was added for emphasis.

When I Can't Go Outside to Play

I love to surround myself with flowers. Sometimes when the weather doesn't allow me to go outside, I bring the flowers inside and create my own garden on my window sill. I love the layers and transparency in this photo. It reminds me of the layers life gives us with each growing season, and the transparency in our faces when confronted with difficult questions.

Nature inspires me. Words inspire me.

What inspires you when you


Are you

beyond your comfort zone?

Do you find it easy to create


Do you

enough to call yourself an


Sometimes it helps to look at our reflections and see the beauty that our friends and family see.

Sometimes it takes the

of others who

us unconditionally to see our true selves.

Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously.
I know I do
It helps to look beyond what's in front of us and look outside . . .
look outside the window,
look outside of ourselves.

After all, we're just

just playing,
just having fun,
making mistakes,
learning from them,
and moving forward anyway . . .

Creating can be a tool for

It makes us go inside,
inside our minds,
inside our hearts,
inside our past, revisiting our histories,
to a place of vulnerability.

Replace your fears with

Learn to be fearless.

Laugh Out Loud!
Laugh as though you have no worries or cares in the world.
Laugh so hard that your neighbors can hear you.

And remember

We're all learning as we go.

Tomorrow is another day,
a new beginning,
a fresh start.

Gather your

and cruise together.
It's more fun traveling with friends.

If we look beyond ourselves,
look outside,
outside of our windows,
we will always see
the LIGHT.

Thanks to Sherry and Dove whose words and phrases inspired this post. I made these fabric elements to use in our upcoming workshop. The text was thread sketched with black embroidery thread onto muslin, which was painted with Neocolors.

Be the artist you want to be!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OH MY GOSH HOW DELICIOUSLY WONDERFUL FANNY!!!! I just love this poem and the sewn words! It's all to yummy! I wish I were near you so we could trade fabric. I have only a few days of down time before I have to get back to work so I will be doing more sewing over the next couple of days and posting them. I just love this POST I can't say it enough! One of the best!!!

Lorraine said...

I love your sewn words..we have been lucky here in Liverpool the last few days as it has been really hot with no I have been planting vegetable seeds in my garden! Thanks for your comment on my pastel punk was influenced by your journal that I bought off you..I am using that journal to practise drawing eyes etc. I dont like to call myself an artist but am artistic..I think of artists as Monet, Van Gogh etc

Fannie said...

hi, vanessa. would love to trade fabrics with you. we could exchange mailing addresses if you like. happy sewing!

hi, lorraine. i'm glad the journal offered you inspiration. be bold, dare to call yourself "artist." hah! you are free to be who you want to be. i will gladly and respectfully call you the artistic lorraine. ;-D

Cheryl Finley: said...

Just marvelous..and oh so creative, Fannie... every bit of it! Hmm... and I do love the Pansy Martinis!!- filled with inspiration!

morningDove said...

oh fannie i love this post too. how amazing what a few phrases can do to make such a difference in our lives and our outlook on life. i enjoyed reading this. love the pansies and the window sill makes me want to have ice cream.

Scrappy Cat said...

Your posts are always meaningful and thought provoking. I love your pansies and your stitched words, as well as the sentiment of the post.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Truly thoughtful and inspiring. I want to run outside and shout "Yes, I am an artist!" =)
Those scattered flowers on the windowsill and in the glasses are wonderful, such a lovely idea to bring nature in.
Thanks for sharing.

Sherry said...

Oh wow. How little I knew my few little words would inspire you to creat such a wonderful and meaningful post! Thank you! Love the panises in the windowsill. The deer came by last week and ate mine. :( They also munched on the greens of my beloved daylilies.

jgr said...

A wonderful post Fannie, and thank you for the surprise! I just love 'meeting' people through my blog. You inspire me too!. . . more than you know.