Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friendship Handbag--WIP

Friendship Handbag Front, 8.5 x 11
© 2009 Fannie Narte

This is what I've been working on for the past two days. The image is a print of my mixed media painting, "Friendship," onto white cotton fabric. The handbag is made from a variety of Batik fabrics I purchased while in NC.

My favorite products for image prints are the cotton and silk sheets by Jacquard, which I purchase from Dick Blick. The company claims that the image will be permanent, light fast and hand washable. I haven't tested my images for washability.

Here's the back of the handbag. It was machine quilted with variegated brown embroidery thread.

I'll post the completed handbag soon.


Brenda said...

This is looking stunning and I love the batik fabric you have used - it is gorgeous

Sherry said...

Ditto to what Brenda said. I looked at the peice of fabric today. Scary! Here we go again.

Diana Evans said...

oh wow Fannie...the fabric is really have a wonderful talent with these pieces....I love the texture of it....


Fannie said...

hey, brenda. do you enjoy using Batik fabrics too? nice.

sherry, what are you creating with your Batik fabrics?

diana, what would your cupcake dolls look like in a Batik outfit? ;-D

kiwicarole said...

Hi Fannie, This looks very interesting! Love the colours, and the ladies on the front, I'll keep a watch for the finished bag!

Fannie said...

Hello, Kiwi Carole. The handbag is almost done. I need to decide on the closure. Will post completed bag soon.

Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said... are really coming into your own designs. I am loving the girls that you are painting. Very original. This purse is amazing. Keep up the great designing.