Friday, May 15, 2009

Journey Travel Folio--Carol Wingert

Journey Travel Folio
Class by Carol Wingert at Inspired 2009

Sherry and I spent a few days together after Inspired. I worked on finishing this folio while she worked on sewing a gift bag with yummy batik fabrics we purchased from one of our shopping trips in NC.

Here's a look at the inside.

Here's a look at the outside.

All of these elements came in a kit. Except for painting a few pages, and creating a few metal objects, most of the work was gluing paper and assembling the pieces onto each page. Carol left us lots of room for personalized playing. Nice.

This is the first journal spread. I glued a glassine envelope onto the inside of the front cover and placed one of my business cards in it. The colors of my business card works nicely with the colors in this tri-fold folio.

Here's the next spread. Glimmer Mist was spray painted onto a butterfly stencil and a scroll stencil. Another scroll image was rubber stamped on top of the stenciled scroll image. The folks at Tattered Angels generously supplied these glimmer mist paints. Thanks Tattered Angels!

Check out Tattered Angels' How-To Video on how to use their paints.

Here's the next spread. Carol included a parchment paper which was printed with French text. A butterfly stencil was placed over the text and sprayed with glimmer mist.
Here's the next spread.

The left page has a polka dot expandable pocket, which I constructed out of scrapbook paper. I lined the pocket with a piece of scalloped lace, which was backed with black paper, and glued a butterfly to the top.

The right page has left over pieces of paper I used in other parts of the folio. White gel pen was used to write on both pages.

The next spread.

More glimmer mist and a things to do note sheet attached to the center of the folio using a file folder bracket.

I had fun working on this page. A sheet of canvas cloth was attached to the page using brads. French lace, ribbon, buttons and charms (from Carol and Sherry) were attached with brown embroidery floss. I may add some text or paint or rubber stamp an image to the cloth.

The center outside page of the tri-fold folio has left over pieces of paper elements glued to a black cardstock background. I cut two curved strips from black paper and punched holes in them to provide a negative polka dot image against the black polka dot paper. White gel pen was used to add dots and additional text.

Paulette's faces painting and Susan's fabric book still needs work. I'll post the finished projects here so you can take a look and hopefully be inspired.

Maybe I'll see you at an art retreat sometime! That would be a treat.


Genie said...

Hi Fannie
Thanks for visiting, love the folio
it will have to be a beam me up scotty!! then i can join you at the retreat.
have a great weekend.
Jean xx

quiltcrazygal said...

Such a beautiful folio. I'm so lucky to have you as a blogging friend. I am mailing your prize from my blog anniversary tomorrow, I hope you enjoy. Blessings, Jenna Louise

Brenda said...

Your folio is stunning! I loved seeing what you did to the pages - wonderful. I would love to meet you one day too! Hugs

Scrappy Cat said...

What a nice folio Fannie. And it would be SO much fun to meet at an art retreat someday!!

Brenda said...

SURPRISE!! I just awarded you a "Friends" blog award! Be sure to check out my blog for the details!!!

femminismo said...

Came here by way of Brenda. Love your pages with the butterfly stencil. That is neat! Jeanne in Oregon

Jacq said...

What a beautiful piece. Ther are so many wonderful parts to it.