Saturday, May 9, 2009

Last Day of Inspired 2009

© 2009 Fannie Narte

Inspired 2009 is over! Wow! Time flew by so quickly. It seems like I just arrived. Here are a few photos of some of the classes I took. All of these projects are incomplete, but I thought you'd be interested in seeing what I've been doing here.

I've taken Paulette Insall's online classes, and it was exciting to meet her in person here at Inspired. She taught a great portrait class.

Paulette offered two images of her girl portraits for us to paint. This is the portrait I painted in her class.

I still need to work on her hair and do more shading on her face and neck. I think I might add some text, too.

Tejae Floyde taught a class making this polymer clay bead watch.

Jane Powell taught a stamp carving class. I carved three images on this small 2-inch square stamp block. It was easy to carve, just like cutting into butter.

Susan Edmonson taught a fabric book class. These are four of my unfinished pages.

Carol Wingert taught a journal class titled "Journey Travel Folio." We worked with metals and transparencies, and we learned to add a signature to this tri-fold journal. We also made an accordion folded page out of five envelopes.

It was fun learning with Sherry and Dove and my new friends Karen from Texas and Lisa from Canada. I also met a blogger friend, Carol Sloan, too.

Before dinner, all 250+ of Inspired's attendees collected in the atrium for our group picture with our photographer standing on the balcony two floors above us. It was a loud affair.

Kelly Rae Roberts was the keynote speaker at dinner tonight, and her address was inspiring. I was able to personally express my gratitude for her inspiring art and book. This was a special treat.

Donna and Bill Downey were examples of generosity. Their genuine graciousness and sense of humor made the event extra special.

Although this is the end of an incredible and inspiring event, it is the beginning of a new chapter of my artistic journey. The road ahead looks bright and exciting with a little mystery around the twists and turns. I am grateful.


zquilts said...

OMG! These are all fabulous. I have to think about getting to this extravaganza at some point. Paulette Insall is SUCH a good teacher - I have taken three of her classes and learned a lot in each one.
Wonderful work you've done. Very productive !

Brenda said...

I loved looking at all your photos, what an inspiring time it must been.

Jacq said...

I love all the things you have created. I sounds like you had an amazing three days. Are you heading home or doing a little site seeing?

Scrappy Cat said...

Sounds like a wonderful week. Love your projects - especially the fabric book and the stamp carving. I hope you'll post pictures as you finish the projects.

kiwicarole said...

Lucky you! Sounds like you had so much fun, and how neat that you could meet up with your blogging friends! Thanks for sharing you photos!

Carol Sloan said...

Fannie - I loved meeting you! You are as beautiful outside as you are inside. Wasn't the retreat wonderful? I loved learning new things and meeting new people.

Martha Lever said...

Hi Fannie,
Your creations are fabulous and I know it was so wonderful being there. Next year I hope to be there!!