Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Journey in Truth

© 2009 Fannie Narte

Getting ready for the trip to Inspired 2009 in NC. I went shopping for a few
items of clothing and shoes today . . . it's been a while, a long while.

I frequently talk about truth and journey on my blog. Well, I definitely challenged myself with my own words and ideas during my shopping escapade today.


Clothing prices have increased exponentially since the last time I shopped in 1876! Hah!

We left home for a leisurely half-hour drive to the mall. I was on a mission and fully prepared for my shopping spree. Armed with my Dooney & Burke handbag, which was filled with receipts from the past month, a packet of tissue, my cell phone, checkbook (does anyone else carry one?), my lip balm, and my one plastic card, I knew I would earn the fastest shopping trophy from my husband again.

The plan and budget I had written on paper didn't match the time period I was living in. What an eye opener! Remember, the last time I shopped was in 1876.

I imagined I was still a Size X. So I did what I always did and went through each rack picking up pieces of clothing that caught my eye because of its color, style or fabric. My wise husband urged me to "try on" my pickings--he knew better.

"Why should I?" I smugly thought. I can tell if a garment will fit me just by looking at it.

I reluctantly walked into the fitting room with all my hangers and systematically tried on each piece. After a few minutes, I exited the fitting room, head down, put most of the clothing back on the recycle rack, and went back into the store to get my favorite pieces in a larger size.

Ouch! Truth. Ouch!


Instead of a quick shopping expedition, I ended up taking a journey in truth, a face-to-face with reality. Truth . . . It no longer is 1876. I live in a different era. The economy has changed. My body has changed. I journey through life in a different size.

What have I been doing for the past two hundred years to have missed so much? Have I really been stuck in a time warp?

Yes, no, maybe.

The cost of clothing and the size one wears has merit to a certain degree. But at the end of my shopping day, I am still Fannie.

I started my day with a skewed perception of life and reality, and I arrived home a changed person. This change is good. It's good to shift one's ideas in keeping with what's real.

I started my day full of energy with my shopping list and arrived home with a bundle of nice clothing.

I started my day thinking I was one size and returned home with a different reality.

I started my day with my loving husband and returned home with my loving husband.

Some things change for the better; some things remain the same. I enjoyed my journey today.

In a few days I will make another kind of journey. When I return home from my trip, some things will have changed; some things will remain the same. Whatever takes place, I know I will enjoy that journey because I'll be among friends.

Enjoy your journey each day.


morningDove said...

oh how cute this story is. i just read we can go casual, to me that would be pjs - loose fitting at that. today i began my weight loss plan, ok, not really. i am so looking forward to this visit, i know i need it.

Brenda said...

Don't worry - I've been there too! Love your mandala and I'm sure you will have a ball at Inspired 2009.

quiltcrazygal said...

Fannie I'm with ya. Always working on my exercise and eating plan. Not doing so good these days, gotta get back in the swing of things. Have a wonderful Journey, I can't wait to read about it. I'm celebrating my blog anniversary, it's been a year. You were one of my first friends. Be sure to stop in, blessings to such a wonderful artist and friend! Jenna Louise

Sherry said...

Oh wow. There you are again in that deep thought. I just love this story. I really struggle with buying clothes. Since I stopped playing softball, I've grown and clothes aren't made for my body type. If I buy what fits in the rear, then I see a rather large innertube around the waist. If I buy a bit larger, the clothes are way too big in the rear and thighs. :( Neither is a pretty site, but hey, it's me and I've accepted it. See you in a few days!!!!