Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Metals, Molds and Beadles--More From Inspired 2009


Cheryl Darrow, the owner of TENseconds Studio, taught a workshop working with metals and molds. She taught us how to emboss these metals using different tools.

We made a double-sided tag.

Here's the other side.

Here's another project using several different molds. This could be used to decorate a journal or book and can be attached by using glue, brads or grommets. These metals are soft enough to sew to your fiber projects. Amazing! If you cut out the center, it could become a frame.


Donna taught us how to turn ordinary scrapbooking paper into "beadles." After creating these beads using her simple technique, they were dipped in Utee, which gave them a protective glossy coating. Imagine the possibilities with this fun project.


Sherry and I are enjoying our time together doing girlie things like shopping, chatting, creating and sharing dreams. Today is our last day together before I head back to Texas. I'm grateful for our play time together.

Nice sharing with you.


Brenda said...

I love the metal objects you made (and Sherry's too). The scrapbook paper beads are clever too. You ladies must be so inspired after attending Inspired. No wonder it is so named.

Jacq said...

I love your creations. Your metal work is wonderful, think of the possibilities. The beads look fun. It makes my heart feel good to know that you are having a fun time.

TextileTraveler said...

Looks like fun!

Diana Evans said...

oh what fun Fannie!!!! I love the metal stuff ...must have been pretty neat and fun to learn ...

I know you will create all kinds of wonderful things that will keep inspiring us!!!


morningDove said...

i love all your projects. i'm finishing carol wingers book tomorrow hopefully.

Regina said...

The metal work looks like it was lots of fun. I really like the tag very much. It seems to have your signature style.

Genie said...

Hi Fannie,
Glad you had a fun and productive time, love the metal pieces.

Gregory said...

Seems as though you had a WONDERFUL time at Inspired....that's great. I hope some day to be able to attend an art retreat..they always look so amazing and from the looks of what you've created...they are :)