Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Come Walk With Me

Do you want to play?
Come walk with me.
I don't know where we're going yet, but let's just walk forward . . . together.

Let's put on our happiest shoes and start walking right where we are.
That's usually the best place to begin.

Sometimes when we travel without a map,
it can be scary.
But if we just place one foot in front of the other,
and we're moving in a forward direction,
we're bound to find magic along the way.

Do you care that we don't know where we're going?
I don't care as much as I did before you joined me.
The road ahead is always easier when you journey with friends.

What? What did you say? Let's dance?
Right here?
Oh, okay. I'm game if you are.
We can even stand on our toes during our journey,
and no one will make fun of us
or tell us to stop playing.
No one will shout "quit being silly and move out of the way."

Everyone has their own journey to walk
in their own shoes.

Sometimes we hear so many noises inside and outside of our heads.
Noises beckoning us to come here,
go there,
follow him,
follow her,
follow them,
follow traditions,
follow history,
go everywhere else, but don't go where we're going.

Why would they tell us not to go where we're going when
they don't even know where we're going?

Why can't we go where we're going
even if we really don't know where we're headed?
After all, we're just playing, right?
When we play, we leave ourselves open for whatever shows up.
We let serendipity play with us.

When we play, dance or stand on our toes, sometimes we fall down and make mistakes.
No one likes to make mistakes.
I make tons of mistakes every day.
Sometimes we forget that we all make mistakes.
But when we travel together,
with like-minded friends,
making mistakes doesn't seem so bad.
Mistakes are opportunities, if we look deep into the "sole."

Noises can sometimes be confusing . . . if we let it overpower our senses.

When that happens,
take a break,
When you find your song again,

continue forward on your journey
one step at a time.
that is what playing is all about.
It's how we learn to live.

It's about the practice of being free.
It's about traveling without a map.
It's about walking through your fears.
It's about exploring new ideas.
It's about the joy of discovery.
It's about falling down and getting back up.
It's about putting one foot in front of the other.
It's about following your song.
It's about dancing along the way.

It's about wearing your happiest pair of shoes.
It's about just being you.
I like you just as you are.
My day is happier when you're beside me.
Thanks for being here,
and letting me be . . .
just as I am . . .

Who knew purchasing a pair of shoes for $1.00 in 1876 + paint + imagination would result in this journey.
I think I'll put on my happy shoes and go shopping.
Do you want to come with me?


jgr said...

I love your shoes, such great colors!!


Debbie said...

what a great post and the shoes are fun colors!

Diana Evans said...

I will put on my pair and come shop with you!!!! great work Fannie!!! you can make art with anything and everything!!!


Jacq said...

I love your shoes, they look like they will be fun to wear. As my grandaughters say "let's go shoppin boppin".

Joyfulsister said...

Okay...Wait for me I'm coming lol. luv the shoes, I remember doing a shoe project like this with some friends at church, it was so fun.. hmmm Come to think of it what ever happenend to those sneakers lol. I loved the post as well, a very happy and joyful read!!!

Hugz Lorie

Janet said...

What a great post!! I love the shoes. Everything here makes me smile.

julie king said...

adorable shoes and playful prose!!!

Anonymous said...

I think doing the things that makes you happy creates happinez in your live

for you as well as others.. teaching your thing..

Love.. create and be happy with your own gifts, talents.

a beautifull poem..

thanks for sharing

mirjam from the Netherlands