Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Spirit of Aloha

The Spirit of Aloha, Acrylic on canvas panel, 8" x 8"
© 2009 Fannie Narte

The fragrance of plumerias and the salty air of the ocean, the sound of aunties, uncles, cousins, honey girl, junior boy and sweetheart laughing while talking story on the front porch. These are some of the simple things we may take for granted when we live with it each day, and the very same things we miss when we're far away. The Spirit of Aloha was inspired by my gratitude for our service men and women serving throughout the world.


The Hoolaulea was a success!

Our island military men and women celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Hawaii's statehood by sharing the spirit of aloha at their "Hoolaulea 2009" in Iraq yesterday. Family and friends sent food and supplies to Iraq to help make this event enjoyable for all who attended.

MSgt Sean Iida kept us up to date with their activities.

Here are photos of some of the performers at their dress rehearsal.

The event was filled with dancing, singing, ono Hawaiian food and giveaways. Sean said "they even had video recorded messages from Senator Daniel Inouye and Mayor Mufi Hanneman. It was awesome seeing everyone walking around with their Aloha shirts."

My favorite sentence in Sean's e-mail was: "For just one night, it felt as if I were not in Iraq."

Those were the words that were sung over and over that night by those in attendance. "For just one night, it felt as if I were not in Iraq." Reading those words made my heart sing and brought tears of joy.

Helping, sharing and serving one another. Isn't that the root of happiness? Isn't it nice that we can help others get away from the cares of the world . . . even if . . . for just one night?

Thanks for sharing, Sean. Reading your words and seeing the photos made me feel like I spent that night with all of you . . . magic. Love to all of you from all your grateful friends and family at home.

Mahalo and Alo-o-o-o-ha!


Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

Fannie....I am loving the colors in this piece. Very vibrant.

marianne said...

Oh Fannie you sure live in paradise, and yes so important to realize some fellow americans are away (in not at all paradise, to serve their country)
So nice to send them things!
Your piece of art is wonderful! Are they pink frangipanis or are they called different?

Aloha to you!

Joyfulsister said...

Ahhh The sweet smelling fragrance of our beautiful plumeria. In all kinds of colors and in our leis, hair, and in a beauitful bowl filled with floating candles as centerpieces on a table.

Beautiful sistah, and thanks for sharing in this post of our men and women in Irag.

Hugz Lorie