Friday, September 25, 2009

Butterfly Magic

Nature's colors called to me today singing,
"Come out and play."

How could I resist the voices of greens and purples
and pinks and grays and blues and yellows . . .
and how could I ignore the beckoning of the dancing leaves?

I just knew there was magic beyond my window. All I needed to do was to step over the threshold and cross into their world of enchantment.

Trees were dancing in the breeze.

Side by side, arms to shoulders, they dipped and swayed and played with the rhythms of the wind.
The dance floor was crowded, and everyone was in rhythm. Green munchkins wiggled beneath the shadows of the dancing trees while dragonflies and bees held their hands.

Then a flash of bright orange twirled past me and disappeared among the dancing trees.

What was that?

Who was that?

Where are you?
Are you in there?

There you are!

"May I have this dance?" he teased as he paraded around my head flashing the underside of his wings.

We danced like the trees, swirling and twirling, me with my camera, and he with the wind.
He danced beautifully leading me gently across and around the dance floor. I was enjoying the music, and the colors, and the band, and my fellow dancers . . . then our dance abruptly ended.

He flew into the colors and took the seat of the first violinist. He must have been tired from all that dancing.

He sat for a while spreading his wings this way and that way . . . turning this way . . .

. . . and turning that way . . .

Wait! Don't go. Let's dance some more.
Stay . . . Where are you going?

Ahhhh, your real dancing partner waits secretly in the string section . . .

It was nice dancing with you.
I had a wonderful time.
You taught me to see through your eyes and in doing so, I found my third eye.
You taught me to let go of my ideals and play with my imagination.
You taught me to dance with friends.
You taught me to learn to sing another's song.
You taught me to feel like a child again.
Thanks for the magic.
Although our meeting was for a brief moment, my experience with you has found a special place in my heart.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for dancing with me. Gotta go now. Nature's calling . . . ;-D


Jacq said...

Wonderful pictures and thoughts. My grandaughter Molly spent last night with us. At three she gives everyone the gift of dance. Have a good weekend.

Lisa M Griffin said...

what a lovely share fannie. Beautiful photos and lovely butterfly. Have a wonderful and creative weekend. =)

Vicki W said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

Nature is always so inspiring! Thanks for the pictures and the words to go along with them. Have a great weekend!

julie king said...

lovely, fannie! i would dance in a garden any day of the week!