Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Will Carry You--Mixed Media Painting

I Will Carry You, Mixed Media, 9" x 12"
© 2009 Fannie Narte

Broken wings . . . what does that mean to you?

Sometimes I feel broken, especially during times of health challenges. I guess broken has a different definition at different ages and at different seasons.

When I was a youngster, my favorite doll broke. I was sad and cried. My parents were there for me.

When I grew to a young woman and experienced the emotional rollercoaster of a teenager's school girl crush, my heart was broken. I was sad and cried. My friends were there for me.

When I became a mother, as hard as I tried not to, I made so many mistakes. I was sad and cried. My husband was there for me.

Now that I'm a grandmother, I have quiet desires of imagining a younger more energetic version of myself, so I can fully enjoy my grandchildren and play hide and seek and actually hide, or chase them around the house and be able to actually run. Hah! Yes, my heart gets broken. I feel sad, and I weep silently. During those times, my mom, my friends and my husband are here for me.

We all need to be carried at different seasons throughout our lives, for different reasons.

With a happy heart, I realize that through each season, there was always someone there to carry me. I feel gratitude and joy, and I celebrate my life filled with beautiful experiences, family and friends. I am rich.

Now, each day, I look for broken wings . . . and I share my heart . . .

Thanks for enriching my life.


Janet said...

This is such a beautiful, heart-felt post....and I love the artwork.

Vicki W said...


Diana Evans said...

wonderful work Fannie!!! the colours are great...


Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

Fannie....what a creative imagination you have. I love this painting.

NatashaMay said...

Oh, WOW! I love her!

Joyfulsister said...

Amen Sis, I am in a season where no one but the Lord can carry me at this point. This is our season together and I am truly enjoying the journey. This is beautiful, and blessed to know no matter what the season there is someone there family, friends, but most of all the Lord.

Hugz Lorie

jgr said...

What a great painting! and a lovely post, too.

Jacq said...

Very, very nice. Wonderful thoughts.

Beth said...

Beautiful! Thank you for inspiring us!

quiltcrazygal said...


Such a beautiful message, I have felt a few broken wings through the seasons of my life also. I need to let others help carry me when I need mending. Your Grandchildren are so lucky to have such a talented and loving Grandmother. I'm sure they love to come and create at your house:) Thank you for being so giving, you make a difference to so many with your words and your work. Blessings and Hugs,
Jenna Louise