Saturday, September 26, 2009

Inspiration in My Town

lines + angles = perspective

Inspiration is everywhere.
My camera is always in my purse. When we're driving around town, I'm always ready to shoot. I don't really look for anything particular. If I see an interesting composition or vivid colors, I'll shoot it.
This one has trees, a favorite element in my art quilts, and an interesting perspective, which was taken from my car.

These sunflowers are all facing away from me, as if to say, "leave us alone."

I don't know how many times I must have passed this mural, which is painted on the outside of a building near one of my favorite hobby stores, and never noticed it until the day I shot this photo. The signature of the artist is missing. Maybe it's hidden somewhere within the images. Whoever the artist is, this is a beautiful painting.

The horizontal rows of yellow and white flowers, and lines from the brick wall make this a simple composition. The vertical lines of the hibiscus branches and leaves add interest and variety. The three red flowers make this simple photograph pop.

What do you see when you look at this photograph? What ideas come to mind?
What's the first thing you notice?
Do you see a bunch of weeds?
Do you see the white clouds against the blue sky?
Do you see rectangles?
Do you think of new construction?
Do you see the electrical poles in the distant background?
Do you see this as a bird's rest stop?
I see the windows of progress . . .

Traveling to an exotic destination or taking a cruise sounds exciting. Sometimes it's fun just to look around town and appreciate all the beauty and art right where you live.


Jacq said...

Interesting picture. There is so much to see if we only look.

Diana Evans said...

oh wonderful Fannie!!! there is so much to be inspired by and I thank you for this wonderful take a minute and look around!!!


Lisa M Griffin said...

So true - it is all a matter of perspective. And to answer your question the first thing that popped to mind was URBAN followed by LINEAR and then yes, my eyes rose up to the sky and the lovely soft clouds floating above.
Thanks for sharing Fannie, happy Monday! =)