Thursday, October 29, 2009

Giveaway Item 5--Geisha--Printed Fabric

© 2009 Fannie Narte

Today’s giveaway item is a six-inch square printed fabric of my mixed media painting “Geisha.”

I enjoy Japanese art because of its simplicity. I guess I am drawn to Japanese images because many of my mentors were Japanese women from my community in Hawaii. It could be, too, that performing in Japan in 1876 (not a typo) (;-D) has something to do with my love for Japanese anything, especially its food. Yummmmy!


I had several of my paintings professionally printed onto six-inch cotton fabric squares and offered them for sale in my Etsy shop. However, unfortunately, they aren't as popular as I first imagined, or as I thought they would be. Sometimes what we think is a great idea isn't so. Sometimes you just gotta do what you love.

Here is a sample of what you can do with this fabric:

Make a quilt block. I added pieced and strip borders to the fabric to make an 8-inch quilt block.

You can use it in a fabric collage, in your journal, make a cushion or pillow, add text, add embroidery, add beads . . . the possibilities are endless.


Here’s the drill: Leave your name at this post to enter my one-week giveaway to win ALL the items I’ve posted since Monday. You have a chance to enter once each day of my giveaway. The winner could be you, but only if you enter.


I enjoyed reading your comments from previous posts. The “Dear Santa” letters were fun, imaginative and clever! I hope this giveaway is bringing some sunshine into your lives.


Reflections of life and art said...

Oh, don't tell me I'm the first one to leave a comment....yep looks like I is another blessed day for me and I hope it is to you Fannie....thanks for your generous heart....even if I don't win it's a pleasure seeing all your lovely creations!

SewLindAnn said...

Okay I'm 2nd, so now you don't have to be posted alone. I am just getting books to start playing with pictures, collage, canvas, etc. Another direction for quilting, and textile arts. I think it was a great idea for the squares, sorry it didn't work. Love your inspiration, I've been online way too long now...bye.

Sue K said...

I agree with all of the above statements!!! This is just a FAB giveaway! I love the geisha..I am a collector of many things asian. One of my fondest memories was of going to San Francisco with my Grandmother. We'd spend hours in Chinatown, snooping in all the lovely shops, and then have a wonderful lunch in an asian restaurant. She'd always buy me a bunch of little things..many that I still have. I haven't thought about that for a long time! I could not wait until the movie, Memoirs of a Geisha came out on video. I bought it and watched it that night. I was somewhat disappointed in the movie but the beauty of Japan, and the lovely woman were worth it.

Scrappy Cat said...

I love asian fabrics, especially geishas. And you geisha is really lovely.

Renee G said...

This is a lovely design. Please include me in your drawing.

Fannie said...

Thanks for playing, Friends. Good Luck to all of you.