Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Singing Pears, Art Quilt

© 2009 Fannie Narte

Check out Page 61 of the current issue of Art Quilting Studio. My pears are singing their happy songs in an 8" x 8" quilt block.

"Feed your soul,
Sing Your Song,
Joyful . . ."
My Pears are letting you know that anything you can imagine is within your reach.
Reach out; pick a star, or two, or three or more.
They are within your reach.
They're yours.
You can have the moon if you sing like a star.

Meet Deborah Boschert on Page 34. We have several things in common. Besides being from the State of Texas, Deborah is a fiber artist who enjoys working with elements that represent themes that also inspire me, such as growth, family, home, faith and journey.
Deborah talks about her process of creating small art quilts on Page 100. The "Patchworks" section at the end of the magazine features art quilts from readers around the world. The variety of techniques and styles are inspiring.
If you want to submit projects for an upcoming issues, Page 143 is for you. Maybe I'll see you in a future issue of Art Quilting Studio!


Donna B said...

Whimsical and wonderful! You are so talented. Just discovered your blog, I will return...in fact, I would like to follow...

Janet said...

You do such wonderful work! The pears are just delightful.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Fannie.. I'm from Dallas! Love the colors in these little pears...

Martha Lever said...

Congratulations, Fannie!!! I LOVE the singing pears!

Vicki Holdwick said...

Way to go, Fannie.

I love the pears.


WoolenSails said...

I saw that issue on another blog, I have to check it out when I get to the store, looks like a great issue to get.


marianne said...

I love this!
Will it be for sale?
How cool you are in a magazine! but no wonder, you make such beautiful things!

Deborah Boschert said...

Wow... thanks so much for mentioning my articles in the new issue. Is really is an outstanding publication -- so much variety, style, creativity and inspiration. I am honored to be included. Love your pears, too!

Lynn said...

Love finding your blog. I congratulate you on getting published in this wonderful mag. Love your pears! I'll be back.

Fannie said...

Hi, Donna B. Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks, Janet, Cori, Martha, Vicki and Debbie. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your wishes and encouragement. You made me feel special.

Hi, Marianne. No, this block is not for sale, but thanks for asking. It's nice to know you're interested in my work.

Deborah, you did a great job!

Hi, Lynn. Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. It's always nice to hear from new friends. Thanks.

Deanna said...

Congratulations! I just ordered the magazine :)

Jacq said...

I finally got a copy of Art Quilting Studio today. Your pears are wonderful.

Melinda Cornish said...

it is so beautiful that I am not surprised at all that it is in a magazine...good for you!

Regina said...

Congrats, Fannie! I love the pear block.
Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Between the busy schedule & some computer quirks, my blog visiting has been limited.