Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tote Tuesday--Fundraiser Benefitting the American Cancer Society

Okay, I couldn't resist playing with this image. Hah! I see you . . . Do you see me smiling at you?

Caution: I may break out in song at any time . . .

Here are two more items I'm donating to the ToteTuesday Fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society:

"Friendship" Handbag

One side

the other side

"Fill your garden with beauty, flowers and friends."

the bottom

© 2009 Fannie Narte

"Fill your garden . . ."
stitched on the bottom of the bag,


"with beauty, flowers and friends"
stitched on a bottom insert that goes inside the bag.

This handbag was featured in the Autumn 2009 issue of Haute Handbags published by Stampington & Co. This is the original handbag that was sent to Stampington for photographing and publication.

I'm also including a copy of this issue, which includes the article about how to make your own "Friendship" handbag.

Here's a snapshot of my article in this issue:

Want information about this fundraiser?
Click on the links located at the top of this page in my sidebar.

February 2, 11am-2pm
See you HERE

Why am I passionate about this fundraiser?
Because I want to help find a cure for cancer, and . . .
my father passed from lung cancer.

Together, we can accomplish anything.


Vicki W said...

Your handbags will be very popular!

Peggy Schroder said...

Great photos and what a wonderful addition for a good cause !

Lisa M Griffin said...

What a wonderful contribution. Really beautiful Fannie. I love art that is useful and stylish. =)
Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Vicki. I'm just glad to participate and help in this fundraiser. I put magic inside the bag. ;-D

Peggy, thanks for all the work you're putting into organizing this fundraiser. It's sure to be a success.

Thanks, Lisa! You have a good weekend too. Hugs to the Littles.