Saturday, February 13, 2010

Silk Fabric Painting with Wax Crayons

More painting on fabric using wax crayons, this time it's on silk habotai 8mm ladies handkerchiefs I purchased from Dharma Trading Co. They come in a pack of 12 for around $6. Dharma also sells silk habotai by the yard.

Both of these pieces have one layer of colors, which means that I applied the colors, blended them with water and completely air dried and heat set them with an iron. I could add another layer of pigment and repeat the process with each layer.

The piece on the right has text written using white resist, also purchased from Dharma.

This silk handkerchief was painted using three or four yellow and ochre wax crayons.

I may add several more layers of color before I'm done with all of these pieces.


Because of health issues, I prefer to paint my fabrics with non-toxic pigments like wax crayons instead of the usual powder or liquid dyes. For the same reason, I choose to use water-based gutta resists instead of solvent-based gutta resists. This is what Dharma recommends, in part:

"There is a trend towards the use of water-based resists over solvent-based Guttas. They avoid the flammability & health issues of Guttas. The clear ones wash out in warm water instead of needing dry cleaning. The colored ones are heatset by steaming or ironing, and then are dry-cleanable, unlike Gutta. Some say they work as well, some say they don't. The clear ones and iron-set colored ones work great with iron fixed silk paints when you want a totally non-toxic and steaming free experience!"

Read Dharma's complete statement regarding Water Based Resists.


I'm building a new stash of hand-painted cotton and silk fabrics for my future art quilts. My stash of fabric paper looks great combined with these new fabrics. Incorporating the soft silks and the stiff fabric papers into my artwork should have some new and interesting results. I've already begun several art quilt series, and these fibers work well with my vision. I feel like I'm emerging into my own space . . . feels nice.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.


Brenda said...

They look really lovely.

Vicki W said...

What pretty texture you've gotten with this technique!