Monday, February 1, 2010

Tote Tuesday Tomorrow--Go For the Gold


Six unique totes will be up for bid tomorrow, the opening day of Tote Tuesday, Fiber Art For a Cause's only big fundraiser for 2010.

Pokey Bolton's "Getting Graphic" tote, and "Have a Heart" tote organized by Peggy Schroder, are two of the six totes that will be available tomorrow.

What are the other four totes and its contents?

Ahhhhh, the elements of mystery and surprise. Go to Virginia's blog at 11am CST tomorrow to see all six totes and make your bids or GO FOR THE GOLD and buy a tote immediately.


Here's a peek at the contents of one of the totes, "Have a Heart," organized by Peggy Schroder, that will be up for bid tomorrow. The following artists contributed to the tote's contents: Gloria Hansen--"Digital Essentials" book, Linda McLaughlin--hand-dyed fat quarters, rick rack and cheesecloth (yummy!), and Fannie Narte (me ;-D)--"Love" mixed media fiber art.

GLORIA HANSEN'S "Digital Essentials"

Do you know how to save digital images for the web? Do you understand pixels and resolution? What are file formats? Do you work with GIF or PDF files?

The answer to these and much more are found in Gloria's book. The subtitle to her book is "The Quilt Maker's Must-Have Guide to Images, Files, and More!" Having read through the book many times and used it as a reference guide regularly, the step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and explanations for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro take the artist beyond quilt making. I have used the information in her book to help me with my blogging, creating image links, etc. I've also used her tips and techniques in conjunction with other software to create unique digital images such as my kaleidoscopes and backgrounds for my quotes.


More information about the totes, contents, and bidding process can be found at Virginia's blog. You can also access the same information by using the links in my side bar.

I have my eye out for a few totes . . . maybe I'll GO FOR THE GOLD! Are you a champion FFAC supporter? I am.

Amazing things can be accomplished when caring people gather. Let's make MAGIC together.

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