Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tropical Delight--Painted Fabric

Do you ever feel like Leonardo da Vinci? When you seem to be doing the least, you're doing the most?

I've been feeling that way, thinking and designing and creating in my mind, not quite ready to put it on canvas or cut up fabric. During this time, I painted a lot of fabric paper, researched and reread my art books and magazines, searching and looking and feeding my heart with colors and designs. During this time of waiting, I discovered new techniques to use wax crayons on silk and rediscovered my love of hand sewing, hand beading and embroidery.

This is the result of waiting--one of my newest pieces of painted cotton fabric using wax crayons. The colors remind me of Hawaii . . . of home.

I uploaded this image into Photoshop and created this digital fabric image:

I like the black over the bright colors. Almost resembles Batiks.
The fun didn't stop there.
I uploaded this digital image to another software and created this:

Resembles a Japanese kimono.

Yes, when I seem to be doing the least, I am doing the most . . .
Thanks for looking. Enjoy!

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Lisa M Griffin said...

wow! really cool to see what you are doing with your designs in photoshop. thanks for sharing.