Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Artist's Rose

The Artist's Rose, Fiber Art, 18" x 18"
© 2010 Fannie Narte

When you send roses, you give a gift of beauty and meaning. The color meaning of roses makes your gift meaningful. The white rose symbolizes innocence and pure intentions. The red rose represents passion; the pink rose, joy; the orange rose, desire; the peach rose, gratitude; the lavendar rose, opulence.

What would your rose look like?

If you could produce your own shade of rose that expresses the feelings you want to convey, what would it look like? Would it be one shade of velvet red? Or would your rose be a blending of two or more colors such as the fire and ice rose?

What would an artist's rose look like?

One color would not do. We would need a variety of colors in order to mix our own shades and produce different tones. Maybe our rose would look like a rainbow.

Dreaming of the Artist's Rose

My rose would have to include the color white, not only to allow me to mix different shades and tints, but to give voice to the idea that I try to approach my work with pure intentions.

I definitely would need various shades of pink to represent my feelings of joy each time I paint a new piece of fabric and sew the finished edges of an art quilt. Magic!

I must have orange to symbolize my attempt to express the songs in my heart: friendship, love, growth, believing, hope, laughter, fearlessness . . .

I cannot forget red for passion. I would use it sparingly, though, because too much red would overpower the feeling of gentleness I try to infuse in each of my pieces.

I must include lavendar to symbolize all of the rich colors and textures in my supply.

I would add the color peach throughout the piece to represent the gratitude I feel for every moment I spend in my studio.

Life in the studio can be lonely at times. I would sprinkle yellow throughout to represent the friends and friendships that make each day exciting. But with smooth jazz playing in the background, a window view of the garden and butterflies and the computer to connect with like-minded friends, creating in the studio is never lonely for me.

These are the colors and color meanings that would inspire my rose.

What would your rose look like?

Dream of your version of "The Artist's Rose" . . .


Brenda said...

Your comments are always so profound - you must be a deep thinker. Love your rose quilt. I don't know what colour rose mine would be - probably multi coloured as I love so many colours. Mine would probably even have some black in it! Not because it is about darkness or anything bad - but because I like black, especially as bold outlines.

Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

My rose would probably have all the colors in your fiber art piece above. Love what you made with your hand painted fabrics.

Jacq said...

Love the quilt you created, both the cloth and the thoughts.