Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Duped," Mixed Media Fiber Art and a Giveaway

Duped, Mixed Media Fiber Art, 18" x 23"
Original Design "Square Deal" by Malka Dubrawsky
Made by Fannie Narte

Malka's "Square Deal" was a joy to work on. Using my hand painted fabrics, the instructions found on pages 60-62 in the recently released book, "Pretty Little Mini Quilts," edited by Ray Hemachandra and published by Lark Books, and the enlargement of the project's pattern found in the "Templates" section of the book, my version of "Square Deal" stays true to Malka's pattern but takes a side road in everything else.

Taking Malka's advice in her project instructions, I pieced a unit of "wonky" striped fabric from my stash. The background was quilted in various ways: a leafy vine, a geometric design, flowers, and stitched text--hope, love, peace, joy. Click on the photo below to see a close-up view of these elements.

This project is for both beginner and advanced quilters. Its simple construction and easy to follow instructions make it ideal as a beginner's project. Its clean design gives the seasoned quilter the freedom to add his or her own personal touches.

The enlargement of the pattern cost $2.50 at a local copy center. All of the other supplies I needed for this project were already in my supply box.

There are many ways to play with this design. Here are some of the ideas I contemplated using:

* Piece each of the sections as a crazy quilt design adding fancy embroidery stitches
* Turn this quilt into a photo quilt by adding photo transfers to each unit
* Add beads, lace or other trim
* Use the design as a poetry quilt

Using someone else's design pushes me outside of my box and makes me imagine beyond my usual space. It also gives me a fresh perspective for my own work. New and fresh--both are good for the creative soul.

Close up of quilting, stitching and surface design.


Malka is a seasoned and busy artist. She spends her days working in her office, working on several different projects, including dyeing fabrics and making one-of-a-kind items for her shop. She describes herself as "creative, detail-oriented and adventurous."

What does a day in her studio look like? What does her studio look like? What and who inspires her work?

Come back tomorrow and learn the answers to these questions and more. You're sure to be inspired.

This is a photo of Malka's quilt, "Square Deal," found in "Pretty Little Mini Quilts."

What colors would you use if you were to recreate Malka's quilt?

What techniques or embellishments would you add to make it your own?


Would you like to make your own version of Malka's quilt?

You can win a copy of Pretty Little Mini Quilts by leaving your name on this post. The winner of this giveaway will be announced on Monday, March 29. Tell a friend.

Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow.


Rosaland Hannibal said...

This looks like a fun little quilt to make. I would probably add some beads, some bits of painted Misty Fuse and maybe some soy silk fibers.

Vicki W said...

I've seen several review of the book but yours is the first project that I've seen done from the book! I love your hand painted fabrics in this.

TracyB said...

the mini quilt is gorgeous, LOVE the colors that were used!!


Marthann's Musings said...

I love the little mini quilt. Fabric is so great and then the little stitched pieces at the bottom really set it off. Great piece.

Deborah Boschert said...

So super cute! I love all the sweet details. The spare composition really lets the fabric be the star.

I've heard so many great things about Lark's new book!

Scrappy Cat said...

Hi Fannie, I like your version of Square Deal. And I find your comment about using someone else's design pushing you outside of your box to be very interesting. That is one area where you and I are different - I use patterns from others much more than I use my own designs, and using my own designs is what pushes me outside of my box.

...tiktakro... said...

hop! it seems that I'm the first one today ;).
Answering your questions : not sure yet what colours should I use but as embellishments I'd like to apply some shisha mirrors . It just popped out in my mind now. They'll be definitively purple....why shisha and why purple ? don't comes from inside like a whispered secret...
Oh, and I must put myself to practice learning that machine writing as quilting looks great !

Sue K said...

Oooh, love your mini quilt!!! I'd love to win this book you are giving away. I am a quilter from way back! I was lucky enough to take a class from a lady years ago that taught us to quilt by hand. From piecing to putting a small quilt together. Awesome lady!! Put my name in the hat please!!

carolph said...

I am getting more enthralled with mini quilts....a great way to experiment with new techniques and ideas. Yours turned out lovely.

Deanna said...

I love your mini quilt. I do not have a lot of free time after work and family and mini quilts are my thing! Rather than overwhelm myself with something I'll never finish, I like choosing something I can complete in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks for sharing.