Friday, March 19, 2010

Fabric Giveaway to Celebrate "Pretty Little Mini Quilts"

Fabric 1

Want to own some of my hand painted fabrics for your next art quilt project?

I'm having a fabric giveaway to celebrate the newly released "Pretty Little Mini Quilts" edited by Ray Hemachandra and published by Lark Books.

My art quilt "Whimsical Rose" is included in this book.

So how do I do a book review of a book which includes my work?
The same way I would do a book review of any other book . . . just state the facts and let you make your own conclusions.

But let's play with this review. We need some Fannie-Twists.

Fabric 2

Let's make it fun, informative and interesting.

I'm going to create a project by one of the other 24 contributing designers following the instructions in the book . . . but personalizing it. I'll use my hand painted fabrics and add a Fannie-Twist, changing a few elements, adding a few techniques.

Fabric 3

Will these projects be easy enough for a beginning art quilter but also give an advanced art quilter some room for play?

I'll share my experiences with you, and you decide for yourself. Sound fair?

Fabric 4

But wait . . . there's more.

I'm going to interview the artist who designed the project I reproduced and share it with you. You'll gain insight into her art world, her inspirations, her art making process and maybe even a peek into her studio.

Sound like a square deal?

Malka Dubrawsky will be my first interview. Her project is titled "Square Deal," found on pages 60-62. Come back next week to read about her favorite artists and what inspires her work . . . and see my version of "Square Deal."

Fabric 5

Sound good so far?

If you want to put your name in the hat for all five of these 8" x 8" hand painted fabrics (wax pastels onto bleached muslin), just leave your name at this post. These fabrics are ready for your surface design techniques.

Feel free to share your thoughts . . . what are you working on . . . how would you use these fabrics . . . are you snowed in in your part of the world . . . did you see "Alice in Wonderland" yet . . . whatever's on your mind. Hah!

The fabric giveaway winner will be announced on Monday. Tell a friend.

Another giveaway tomorrow . . . fabric paper . . .

Thanks for celebrating with me . . .


Sherry said...

Hi Fannie, great fabric and congrats on the article in the book. I would love to have a piece or two of your fabric, but leave room for those that haven't experienced your wonderful work. Thank you for the consideration. Love you girl. Miss you more. Sherry

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi fannie!
oh how exciting!
i love your fabrics and cannot wait to read your interviews.
you are amazing my friend!
melissa & emmitt

Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

Fannie....congrats on the publication. That is such exciting news. Your handpainted fabrics are just beautiful. I look forward to reading your book review.

Be safe my friend,

Beth said...

Congratulations Fannie!

The fabric giveaway sounds like a fun idea. Thanks for sharing...again! You are so generous!

Happy Spring Break to you and to me!

Martha Lever said...

I would love to have a piece of your lovely fabric!!!

Scrappy Cat said...

Hi Fannie - congrats on getting Whimsical Rose published. It's lovely. And I look forward to your review of the book. I like your approach.

It was 70 degrees or so today, and tomorrow we're expecting a blizzard! I'm really getting tired of winter. And just think, my son and daughter-in-law live WAY north of me - in Minneapolis - so I guess I really shouldn't complain about winter and/or snow. It's all relative, isn't it?

icitea said...

Wow, congrats on getting published at last! The fabrics are lovely, by the way. And yes, I've watched Alice. It was pretty thrilling, if I do say so myself. Have you watched it yet?

Regina said...

Congratulations Fannie! So proud of you for this honor!
I've been painting and planning on paintings and having way too many interuptions and not blogging anywhere near enough....
It's been like that. LOL

Marthann's Musings said...

Fannie: Awesome fabric, and that you are going to be in the book. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love to enter the give away. We are awaiting snow here in Kansas City as I speak. I want Spring and summer !!! Again great work

Stephanie Pettengell said...

The book is on my wish list, Oh and so is that fabric, hugs to you Fannie, XX

Brenda said...

Well Fannie, you know how much I love your fabric pieces! I have no idea what I'd do with them though, probably just admire them :) I think it is fantastic that you are published - a very deserved honor.

Genie said...

Hi Fannie
thanks for stopping by. great to hear from you, Thanks for the chance to win a piece of your fabulous fabric,
catch up with you again soon
Jean xx

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Fannie..
I think you are amazing as well dear sister.. I know you have been busy, thanks for dropping by , you are always a blessing and inspiration to me. Luv luv these beautiful materials I would luv to enter your giveaway. I wanted to make heart pillows, I trying one to see how it comes out for me doing it for the first time.

Hugz Lorie

Judy Ellsworth said...

Congratulations! Whimsical Rose is lovely, as are your fabrics.

Karin said...

Oh, what a wonderful giveaway. I had a try on my own handpainted fabrics but yours look so much better. Would love to be the lucky winner.

Fotf said...

Hi Fannie, thanks for stopping by :)

I would love to be included in your giveaway. You know me jack of all trades master of none lol. I'm sure i would find a neat project to use your lovely fabrics. Currently i have been distracted with card making and less sewing but am hoping to get back to my needle and thread real soon.

Today it's raining, just got back from walking in the rain and Brett falling in it so waiting on the tumble drier!

Have a creative weekend :)

Lisa M Griffin said...

Lovely Fannie and as always so thoughtful of you to share your gift with so many. You are just amazing!

Sue K said...

I just LOVE these fabrics! Congrats on being included in this sounds wonderful! Put my name in the hat for your super drawing! Good luck to everyone entered. Have a wonderful weekend.

sophie said...

I have only recently discovered your blog and love your work. I'm looking forward to see your interpretation of the Square Deal quilt ... and would be thrilled to win your hand-painted fabrics.

Diane said...

Oh so pretty! Perfect for a Priority Quilt!

jgr said...

Thank you for your comment today and big congrats on your article being published!! I'm thrilled for you--

...tiktakro... said...

I would love to LEARN how to wax-paint some fabrics as gorgeous as yours....I hope that someday, in the future, you'll make a small tutorial and at the end, all of us could share with you our results. Of course they will not be as wonderful as yours, but "trying means wining", no ? Hopefully this will be true for the 5 pieces you put on game ;).

quiltcrazygal said...

Fannie this is wonderful:) I'm so happy for you. It is a pure joy to follow your art success:) I would be honored to own such lovely fabrics, I have a wonderful photo of a sunflower in front of our old barn and some of these fabrics would look fabulous in a portrait. I dream of fabric and this would be a dream come true:) I have to own a copy of this book, what a pleasure to have you as my first blogging friend! Jenna Louise

Diana Evans said...

I love these colours Fannie!!! wow!!!

Henria O. said...

These are beautiful fabrics! Thanks for sharing your successes with your blog readers!