Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Artistically Speaking--An Interview With Louise Papas

Louise Papas

Do you enjoy learning about what makes an artist successful?

Do you like sneaking a peek into their studios and seeing all the clever ways their supplies are organized?

Magazines and books constantly tempt us to walk in the shoes of these artists and dare us to dream of our own perfect studio.

Louise's creative space

Louise is a passionate and successful artist who doesn’t have a studio. Like many of us, she carves snippets of time each day out of her busy life to construct and design her patterns,

Turtle Tower, made from one of Louise's patterns

toys, quilts and other creations dancing in her head.

She shares table space with family meals, her fabrics find temporary homes in boxes which are stored in a room,

and her desk lives in a small alcove off of her family room.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Then you may find a kindred spirit in Louise.

Meet my friend, Louise Papas, from Melbourne, Australia . . . enjoy!

Sewing machine cover


What inspired your quilt project, "Autumn Breeze," in the Pretty Little Mini Quilts book?

I designed this quilt for a “Four Seasons” doll quilt swap a few years ago. This was for the “Autumn” round but was done during our Spring as it was organized in the U.S. While I was enjoying the new flowers and sunny weather in Australia, I had to think hard to be inspired for an autumn theme.

Do you think your project is for the beginner or advanced quilter or both?

I think the design would suit an advanced beginner as it is mostly needle turn appliqué--one of my favorite quilt techniques. Otherwise, the design is quite simple.

What three adjectives would describe you?

That’s quite hard. I asked my husband and my mother, and they both said “perfectionist,” which I disagree with. I do have really high standards when it comes to my craft but would never call it “perfect.” So I came up with these three:

Imaginative—I can’t stop the flow of ideas
Persistent--I will “persist” until I get it right
Generous--I make most of my stuff for other people because I enjoy the pleasure it gives them.

How would you label the kind of art you create?

Much of my work is small art quilts but I also design larger quilts, aprons, toys and bags.

I have a pattern company called
Audrey and Maude and have been published several times in the Australian magazines Patchwork and Stitching and Homespun and the UK magazine Sew Hip.

What inspires your art?

I am inspired by things in my daily life like a beautiful tree or building and, of course, my children. I am also inspired by the clever people I work with, and the fabric we sell.

How would you describe your style?

I think my style is eclectic as I’m broadly influenced and my work changes as I see new things. I like the very modern to the vintage.

What are your current projects?

I have just finished a doll design for one of the Australian quilting magazines special doll edition, and I have about three other patterns on the go for toys and other things. I am also working on a quilt for a girlfriend that will be big and bold. There is also a pile of other quilts being hand quilted or waiting for machine quilting. Oh, and I’m also knitting a gorgeous jacket and do the occasional crochet granny square for a future blanket!

Parterre, designed by Louise inspired by the symmetrical French and English parterre gardens

What do you want your viewers to learn about you?

That I love what I do and want to share my passion for creating and playing with gorgeous fabric.

While a studio or a dedicated creative space would be nice, it is not necessary to bring your creative dreams to life. Louise is a shining example of a passionate artist who has learned to build a successful career whenever and wherever she can create her art. She is a generous soul who enjoys sharing her art.

See my version of Louise's quilt, "Autumn Breeze," in yesterday's blog post.

Thanks for sharing your art and heart with us, Louise! Continued success to you.


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Whether or not you have a studio or dedicated space, unleash your passions and create “your” art. Dance your dreams and sing your songs . . .


Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

Fannie....thanks for introducing me to Louise. What an enlightening interview.

elle said...

How encouraging that you don't have to have a certain style or space to be 'successful'. Thanks for the insight into Louise and her art.

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Hey Fannie, that was really interesting, what is your 'space' like?

Scrappy Cat said...

Thanks for introducing me to Louise. Great interview.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Brigitte and Elle. I'm happy to share Louise with you both and hope you found inspiration. Thanks for stopping by.

Judy Ellsworth said...

Interesting interview! Like Louise, I sew in my dining room. It works very well, and encourages tidiness. ;o)

WoolenSails said...

I love those stacked turtles, very fun.
Wonderful interview and a very talented artist.


Fannie said...

Stephanie, I'll work on posting a few pics of my space. Thanks.

Thanks for popping in, Cheryl.

Hi, Judy. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure it helps with tidiness.

Hi, Debbie. Yes, Louise is talented and has a generous heart. Love those turtles, too. Fun!

Good Luck, Friends!