Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Gratitude, Generosity, Grace" Published in Sew Somerset Summer 2010 Issue

Three of my mixed media fiber art pieces made it into the Sew Somerset's Summer 2010 issue!

"Gratitude, generosity, and grace are three of my favorite words.

"They are gentle, but powerful. Gentleness is illustrated by the simplicity of the rose images and its quiet background stippling, and the boldly painted and splattered canvas panels represent its power. The combination of the tender roses against the bold canvas creates a sense of balance. It's sort of a play with yin and yang. Displayed as a group, these mixed media fiber art pieces combine to create a peaceful but strong thought-provoking triptych."

Instructions for creating these pieces, including my technique for using Neocolor II Artists' crayons on fabric, can be found on pages 20-21 of this magazine.

A few readers have asked me why I have those three words--Grace, Generosity, Gratitude--on my blog's side bar. What do those words mean?


These three words help guide my daily thoughts, words and actions. When I feel joyful and excited, I think of "gratitude" and the "abundance" of family and friends that help make me rich and the "blessings" that those relationships offer.


When I feel grateful for a gift received or for the blessings in my life, I feel generous and want to share with others.


When I receive compliments or encouragement and when I experience challenges and pain, "grace" is there to remind me that success is a gift and a tool to help others along the way, and that challenges increase my capacity to love unconditionally and understand others without judgment . . . eventually. Hah! "Grace" also reminds me that the challenges I encounter are opportunities that are meant to increase my life's experiences.

These three words define--in a bite-size way--my understanding of "Love."

It's good to have tools that help bring focus to what's really important. Successes and failures, good times and bad times, joyful times and unhappy times, celebrations and reflective moments . . . these are a few of life's yin/yang moments.

Gratitude, Generosity and Grace are three words that help me "Love." These three words put me back on the path when I take a side road--and I take a lot of side roads every day.

When my grandchildren spill red juice on the carpet, these words help me to say to them: "It's okay. We can wipe up the spill. No worries."

When a young man holds the door open for me as I enter the chocolate shop (;-D), these three words help me understand the importance of verbalizing my gratitude to this young man so that he can grow in kindness.

Thank you for stopping by, and reading my ramblings. I hope what you find here inspires and increases your life's journey . . . and thank you for celebrating with me.

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend.


Kat said...

Congratulations!! Fannie
Well deserved recognition. I know where I am headed today, to purchase the mag and brag about knowing the "ARTIST".

Blessings and hugs!


Fotf said...

Congrats Fannie, i have emailed them twice and still haven't heard from them. Way to go :)

elle said...

Gratitude, generosity, and grace make you a success even without being 'published'. Congatulations on understanding love and on being recognized as one who exudes the three g's and Love. Bless you!

Martha Lever said...

Oh, Fannie!!! Congratulations!!!!!! YAY!

Duff said...

Congratulations! Big cyber hugs your way!!

Janet said...

Congratulations, Fannie!!

Scrappy Cat said...

Congratulations Fannie! Your 3 quilts are beautiful. And you really live by those words Fannie. You have a great weekend too!

Vicki W said...


kiwicarole said...

OMG!! Congrats Fannie!! Your gorgeous work deserves to be in there!
I had a mysterious email from a girl to say that she had some work published in this issue and that she had seen mine in there! I don't know anything about it, can you look and see if there is anything in there with my name on it?
Carole (who's trying to stay calm!)

WoolenSails said...

How wonderful to have your pieces in the magazine and show others how to use your crayon technique. I will have to look for it in the store. I do like your philosophy, I am trying to do that myself every day and be thankful for my blessings each day.


Brenda said...

How wonderful! Congratulations. I'm so very proud of you and the beautiful and talented, generous person you are. xxx

Jacq said...

Congratulations. I love your thoughts, I'm so pleased to have you as my friend.

Kelly Warren said...

yay! congratulations! i was so excited for you when i saw this issue! well deserved. :-)

Fannie said...

Thanks for celebrating with me, Friends. I appreciate you looking, stopping by and sharing your hearts. Thank you. ♥♫♥

Deanna said...

Congratulations on your most recent publication! I just ordered it :)

Marcia said...

Congratulations on the pulication of your art pieces in Sew Somerset.

Peggy Schroder said...

Congratulations Fannie. I am so glad to see your instructions will be published. I made your leaf exercise today with the neocolors and love the process.

Jacq said...

I'm on my way to Portland to buy a copy today.