Saturday, May 8, 2010

Making Magic With Sherry

Studio Time With Sherry

Sherry playing with Neocolors yesterday.


Neocolors and fabric paint on silk.

Neocolors and fabric paint on muslin, scrunched before drying overnight.

Neocolors on ecru cotton fabric embedded with gold glitter.

Experiment with resist on bleached muslin, then adding Neocolors, scrunch and dry overnight.

Sherry had a fruitful harvest. I shared my Neocolor techniques with Sherry, and she shared using Tyvek with me, and more . . .

I met Sherry in person at an art retreat this time last year in her home town, North Carolina, after being online buddies for a few years. An unexpected business trip to my home town, Dallas, brought us together for a few days to share, create, talk, dream, sing . . . finally, studio time with a friend.

Wish you were here, Jacq, T, Annie, Connie, Cori, Beth, Cheryl, Jenna Louise . . . I know I'm missing some names.

My studio is open for dreaming and making magic.

Sherry is working on one of today's projects--a painted parasol inspired by Alisa Burke's tutorial.

I think we're ready for a break from creating for a bit and time to go shopping at our favorite local hobby store!

See you later!

Making magic in the studio with Sherry,


quiltcrazygaljennalouise said...

It looks like so much fun! I hope I have a business trip near you soon! Jenna Louise

Scrappy Cat said...

I wish I was there too! Looks like you had a fun and productive time together. Maybe next year . . .

WoolenSails said...

Looks like a lot of fun and beautiful color combinations. I finally tried some dying and got a color like your orange one. I just used rit dye and a basic twist and tie. Next time I will do it when I have more time to experiment.


Jacq said...

Sounds like you gale are having a great time. Wish I was there.

kiwicarole said...

You lucky girls! I bet this was a fun time, creating together and shopping together! What more could you ever want? :)

Janet said...

What a fun way to spend the day! All those yummy colors....just beautiful.

I hope you show us Sherry's finished parasol. Alisa's were so fantastic.

Marcia said...

Wow! This looks very difficult and rewarding to complete.