Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why Each Morning is Magical . . .

I believe in magic.
Not the disappearing kind of magic, although sometimes that happens--disappearing, I mean--like when I make junk.

Is there such a thing as junk in the world of art?
I guess the answer would be a subjective one, wouldn't it? I mean one woman's junk would be another woman's treasure, right?

How would you define "junk"?

Well, I like my mornings, because that's when I open up my painted fabrics from the previous day's work. I don't know what I'll see. It's always a mystery. Whatever happens, I know I'll be surprised, and I know I'll like whatever shows up. I guess I'm practicing the art of seeing beauty in all things . . . I don't know. What do you think?

Sometimes what I see doesn't look right. What I see depends on where I stand.

Sometimes I focus on one thing, one area, one spot, one color, one crooked line,

one wrong this, or one wrong that, or one . . .

But it all depends on how you see what you see, right?

What would happen if I take one piece of the big picture and repeat it?

I'd get a yummmmeeee design with yummmmeee colors and lines . . .

What if I take a "boring" section of the entire piece and flip it four different times and put it back together in a square?

I get . . . M A G I C !!!!
I love this block. This design has inspired a new project.

This is how my mind works. It jumps around, moving, thinking, wondering, what if this, what if that . . .

Now, what if I took that block and repeat it several times?

I get this Beauty!
At least I think it's a beauty. How you see is a subjective thing, after all. It depends on where you stand. And it depends on how you would define "beauty."

Yes, each morning is magical when I open up my previous day's harvest.
I never know what I'm going to get.
But I know I'll never get junk. Whatever I get is always beautiful . . . and a mystery . . . and a surprise . . . and magic.

What you get depends on how you see.

I see birds in flight.
What do you see?

Do you see me?
I hope so.
No one wants to be misunderstood, right?

Thanks for playing with me. I enjoyed sharing with you.
Wish I could hear your thoughts and your ideas about the words "junk" and "beauty" and how you would define both words.

Oh, and I don't believe in boredom. There's so much to do--so little time. There's so much to explore. There's so much to discover. There's so much to see. I just need to open my eyes.

I enjoy hearing what you think. It gives me a different perspective, and I won't feel like I'm all alone, talking to myself . . .

Do you see me?
I hope so.
Standing alone is . . . lonely.
I stand with you.

Dream your dreams.
Sing your songs.

Spread your wings . . . and fly!

Artfully and with a lot of playful silliness,


Kat said...

What a magical moment! I sure enjoyed playing with you as you shared your creations.
To many magical moments. . .


Fannie said...

Hi, Kat. To many magical moments . . . ♥♫♥ Thank you.

Beth said...

Hi Fannie! Love what you did by taking a small area and repeating the design! Love how your mind works!
Just a thought about boredom...what is that!???, I only get bored when I am not able to create. I agree with you, too much to create and not enough time to create it in!
Spread your wings! ;) Hugs!

WoolenSails said...

I see bursts of flowers, opening to the sun.
Today I am going to pick up some basic white, so I have some on hand when I want to dye.


kiwicarole said...

I truely think you are magical my friend! :)