Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet Blossom, Art Quilt, Work in Progress 2

Yesterday we celebrated Tremayne's birthday at our favorite Japanese restaurant. After that, everyone came to our house to continue with the celebration and, of course, we jammed. Celebrations are not the same without family, food and fun, which includes lots of music.

After all of that, I spent some time at my sewing machine attaching all the applique pieces for "Sweet Blossom." I used monofilament thread and pulled each piece of hanging thread from my starts and stops to the back and secured them--what a chore! Glad that's done.

Next I'll paint more black lines on the hummingbird and leaves and add beads, embroidery, etc.

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Happy Father's Day to all Dads everywhere . . . guess what we're doing to celebrate? You guessed it--family, food and fun--including lots of MEEEWWWW-ZIK! Enjoy!


Diane said...

I love this piece, Fannie! So unique . . . and yet, typically "you".

Lisa M Griffin said...

Fannie this is really coming along. It looks wonderful, such romantic and charming colors.

Jacq said...

Very nice, love the detail.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Diane, Lisa and Jacq! ♥♫♥