Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Coconut Island, Hilo, Hawaii

We were at Coconut Island for about an hour before the sun made its journey into the horizon.  This and the following photos were taken at the end of an hour's time.

Only an hour earlier, this is what the island scene was like:

An island boy was jumping off of this tree into the ocean, and I asked him if I could take a photo of him on his next jump--he agreed.  See how high he began his jump into the rocky water below?  Now which fragile branch was it from which he took his plunge?  I can't remember . . . It doesn't look like he would clear the cement platform below . . . but he did . . . he's fearless . . .

This is what the tree looks like and where it's situated.

In the distance, there are more local teenagers jumping into the ocean on a more predictable "diving" platform.

Here's an island girl ready to take her plunge.  Before this scene, she did "the sign of the cross" for protection.

Here she is half way down as her fellow swimmers watch and wait.

More photos of our day at Coconut Island:

A Hala tree.  Its dried leaves are used to make hats, mats, baskets, hats and other items.

A short walk across this bridge takes visitors to Coconut Island.

Love the lines and forms in this tree.

A red T-Leaf plant.  These T-leaves are used to make leis, hula skirts, wrap food items such as "lau lau" before its cooked in the "imu" (underground stove), and other items.

The gigantic banyan trees that line the streets of Hilo.

All pau (done).
My daughter, Kuuipo, walking on Coconut Island while the sun quickly sank into the ocean.

I can't believe it's almost time to go back home . . .  Soon it will be time for my journey in Hawaii to end.  My trip is at the horizon, and my sun is quickly sinking into the ocean.




Stephanie Pettengell said...

What a beautiful post from you again Fannie, thanks for that little look into your homeland.

WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful place. I think I could enjoy a trip there in the future.


Jacq said...

Beautiful! Did both of your daughters go with you?

Christie said...

Hi, Fannie!

We've communicated before - I live near Hilo. So, you're back! Or gone already?

This Saturday (July 31st) a few of us are attempting to join in on the Sketchcrawl in Hilo. Will you still be in the area, and would you be interested?

DeBee said...

Oh, Fannie. I just love Coconut Island. We only had about an hour there when we went, but would love to just hang out... Glad you had a chance to go "home"