Friday, July 16, 2010

Studio Withdrawals--Anime Style Tote Bag for Kaimana

I'm having creative withdrawals.  Taking photographs is a part of creative expression, and I've been doing a lot of that.  I have over 4,000 images taken over the past week!  Whoa!  I know.  That's a lot, huh.

I enjoy my camera and seeing things through its lens fulfills some of my creative needs.  And yes, it is considered "art," but not the kind of art I'm used to playing with in my studio, the kind that gets paint under my fingernails and on my clothes, the floor, the table . . . oopsies . . .

So I went to a local hobby store and bought a few simple supplies like scissors, a yard of muslin, a yard of pellon, black paint, white paint, blue paint, three natural-colored canvas tote bags . . . oh, and did I mention that I brought a small set of Neocolor II with me?  Hah!  Gotta be prepared, right?

I took some needed time out from "vacationing" to paint this tote bag for my niece "Kaimana."  She is "heavily" into the Anime style drawings, and her sketches fill a large collection of sketch books.  I thought I'd try a sketch or two.  It was really fun.

Oh, and by the way, I bought a few sharpies too . . .let's see . . . what else did I miss mentioning . . . .

After brushing and splattering paints on the bag, I used my sharpie to add my sketch over the paint.  It will be filled with some art supplies and other goodies for Kaimana.  She is also a talented videographer--is that the correct term?  She creatively adds animated Anime images to snippets of a variety of songs.  Can you tell that I'm a proud Auntie?



Scrappy Cat said...

What a fun tote! I'm sure your niece will LOVE it!!

WoolenSails said...

She will love her tote, wonderful idea for a travel project.


Lisa M Griffin said...

Sounds like you have good reason to be a proud auntie! Can't wait to see some of those 4,000 pics. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!! ;)