Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Before the Last Petal Falls," Mixed Media Art Quilt

Time and space may physically separate us from our loved ones.

My mom, siblings and most of my extended family live in Hawaii.  It takes about 7 hours traveling a distance of about 3700 miles to visit them.  After an absence of about seven years, I recently enjoyed a happy reunion with my family.  Time and space may have separated us from each other, but our histories and love for each other remain.

My friend Jacqueline and her three daughters drove for hours and traveled about 850 miles from Kentucky to our home.  Her mother, Mary Putnam, suffered the devastating effects of Alzheimer's for many years and passed a week ago.  After sending each other virtual hugs for about 20 years, and especially within the past few weeks, we were finally able to hug as sisters in real life again two days ago.

It was a wonderful reunion of long time friends.  We reminisced and laughed and shared our hearts long into the early morning.  I'm grateful to have had my friends in my home even if only for one day and one night.


This quilt is dedicated to Jacqueline and her mother, Mary Putnam.  Jacqueline and her daughters understood Mary's Alzheimer's challenges.  When Mary's memories were fuzzy, they "played along" with her "stories."  Alzheimer's affects both the patients and their families.  The loving care Jacqueline and her family provided Mary, and their recitation of "Moments with Mary" were inspiring. 

To love, to remember loved ones; 
To love, to forget loved ones . . . 


"Jacqueline is synonymous with service."  If anyone needed help, Jacqueline was always there.  She puts her children's needs, her family's needs, and others' needs before her own.  If you needed her jacket, she would give it to you.  Jacqueline lives her definition of love by serving others.

Mary spent a part of her life serving her children; Jacqueline spent a part of her life serving her mother.

Like a wilting flower loses its petals one at a time, Mary lost her precious memories one at a time.

Mary loved Jacqueline; Jacqueline took the time to love Mary . . . before her last petal fell.

Before the Last Petal Falls

Before she drew her last breath, she opened her eyes one last time.
Kneeling beside her bed,
She saw Jacqueline.

She smiled gratitude.
Jacqueline understood.

She blinked "aloha." 
Jacqueline understood.

The last petal fell.

Jacqueline wept love.
Mary understood.

Jacqueline blinked gratitude.
Mary understood.

Before the last petal fell, 
Jacqueline loved Mary Putnam.

Time and space may physically separate us from our loved ones, but love is eternal.

This quilt will be donated to AAQI.

Love before the last petal falls . . .


WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful tribute and piece to honor her.


Jacq said...

Beautiful, love your thoughts and art work.

Vicki W said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Beth said...

Fannie, this is just breathtakingly beautiful and such a tender tribute. Your heart just glows through the work. Many hugs!