Monday, August 2, 2010

Spring Time on the Farm, AAQI Art Quilt By Marlene Woodfield

Spring Time on the Farm, AAQI Art Quilt #5000, 12" x 9," Copyright Marlene Woodfield

Thanks to Ami's efforts and her team of angels, I've met wonderful friends through my participation in the AAQI.  My friend Marlene sent me an e-mail regarding my AAQI quilt "She Remembered Me When She Heard Our Song."  With Marlene's permission to publish her quote, this is what she wrote:

"The title reminded me of a time when I was visiting my mother-in-law at the nursing home where she spent the last two years of her life.  A woman, whom my mother-in-law told me had Alzheimer's, was asked to dance by one of the nursing home volunteers while attending a musical program.  She not only danced beautiful, but she sang every word of the song.  I later spoke with someone about this and they said she only comes "out of her shell" when she can sing the songs she knew so long ago."

Thanks for sharing your heart with me, Marlene.

MARLENE'S "Spring Time on the Farm"

Through our back-and-forth e-mail conversations, I learned that Marlene's auction quilt was written up in the current "Quilter's Newsletter Magazine."  She dedicated this quilt to her friend Alma Clendenin in memory of her husband, Ralph Clendenin.  It is a beautiful example of how one person's words can inspire detailed pictures in another person's creative work.  When one heart speaks to the heart of another, magic happens . . .

Read Marlene's artist statement:

"My guild friend, Alma Clendenin called me one day to chat. During the conversation, she said that her husband, Ralph, had had Alzheimer's Disease and she wished she could make a quilt in his memory. However, since she has macular degeneration and can barely see, she knew she couldn't do it. I asked her to describe what she would put on the quilt if she could have made one. I wrote what she described to me. She told me about the farm house, the barn with red doors and roof, a dogwood tree, tulips by the barn and flowers around the house, a mailbox with the flag up and a split rail fence! After I completed the quilt, her daughter took it to her so she could see as best she could, what I had made. The result is Spring Time on the Farm. It has beads for the blossoms so she could "feel" the flowers on the trees around the farm house and barn."

Marlene's art quilt is up for auction in the August AAQI auction and doing very well.   Congrats, Marlene!

Take a look at all of the AAQI quilts up for auction until August 10.

 Thanks for looking . . .


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WoolenSails said...

That is a beautiful piece and wonderful stitching.
I have heard that music is one of the best ways to help people with alzheimer's.